VWVortex.com - Is it smart to invest in a 100k mile gti mk5?
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    Thread: Is it smart to invest in a 100k mile gti mk5?

    1. 10-29-2012 07:40 PM #1
      So I am going to buy a car, and I am on a budget, is it a smart invest to buy this car completely stock? What do you guys think? Manual transmission I'll be purchasing btw.

      Any advice?

    2. Member OddJobb's Avatar
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      Nov 6th, 2004
      Greenville SC
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      10-29-2012 07:46 PM #2
      Is it well maintained? Owner keep maintenance records? Or all maintenance done at dealership? 100k miles really doesn't mean as much as it used to. A car well maintained can last much longer.
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    3. 10-29-2012 07:49 PM #3
      I will not be purchasing it unless it is well maintained of course, but yes the answer I was looking for was what you said, that 100k isn't that big of a deal.

      If I buy it with a manual transmission, I have realized that they have come with the CD player and not the AUX. Are they any mk5's that come with a built in AUX player from the factory that is a manual transmission?

    4. Senior Member 87vr6's Avatar
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      Jan 17th, 2002
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      10-29-2012 10:34 PM #4
      as long as you're paying actual value and no kind of dumb premium on it.

    5. Senior Member feels_road's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2005
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      10-30-2012 05:51 AM #5
      Make sure it's a 2008.5+ with the "TSI" engine. I wouldn't touch the previous engine.

      If those miles are mostly highway, you will be golden.
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