VWVortex.com - German drunk driver tries to use breathalyzer as a phone
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    Thread: German drunk driver tries to use breathalyzer as a phone

    1. 12-07-2012 11:50 AM #1

      Motorist mistook breathalyser for iPhone

      A German man was arrested for drink driving - after he tried to use a breathalyser to make a phone call.

      Bernhard Becker, 41, made the mistake after police stopped him for a random breath test in Coburg.

      "We didn't really need the reading. There aren't many sober people who'd do that," said a police spokesman.

      Becker was stopped during an early morning spot check and asked to blow into the device, but after seeing the officers in front of him - insisted on calling his lawyer to get advice.

      The spokesman added: "He thought it was an iPhone, and was trying to bring up the icons on the display, and despite explaining to him that it was a breathalyser he was unable to provide a proper sample.

      "He could barely stand so the result was not really in doubt, but nevertheless he was taken to a local hospital where a blood test was taken that we suspect will confirm he was well over the limit."
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      12-07-2012 11:55 AM #2
      Honest mistake.

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