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    Thread: Calling all TCLers: Review your own car!

    1. Member miatafreak's Avatar
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      Dec 27th, 2009
      Vancouver, WA
      1997 VR6 Cabrio, RIP '98 GTI VR6
      12-16-2012 07:48 PM #1
      I was inspired by Jalopnik's call for commenters to review their own cars. There's a wide variety of cars owned by us TCLers, and it could prove to be a good resource for the future. Here's the general format:
      1. At least one picture. Preferably of your actual car, not Google.
      2. Exterior X/10
      3. Interior X/10
      4. Acceleration X/10
      5. Braking X/10
      6. Ride X/10
      7. Handling X/10
      8. Gearbox X/10
      9. Audio X/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)
      10. Toys X/10
      11. Value X/10
      12. Total X/100

      My Car-1997 VW Cabrio VR6

      What started out as a sorority girl's dream car has slowly morphed into a slightly more manly, and interesting ride. While people still regularly deliver the catcalls of "gay" while I'm behind the wheel, I 've formed somewhat of a special bond with this car. The motor is from my deceased GTI, and all of the work on the car was done by me in my last few years of high school. She's not the highest performance automobile, but once you open it up in a tunnel with the top down, the smiles don't stop.

      1. Exterior 6/10
      As far as convertibles go, she's pretty boring. The body itself is all 90s econobox, but the 3 piece TRD wheels that I recently refinished do look pretty sharp. Plus it's got a great vanity plate! "VR6SWAP".

      2. Interior 6/10
      The interior is quite nice by late 90s standards. Dash strokers will be appeased by the squishiness of the GTI dash, and the golf ball shift knob is great to row through the gears with. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there is quite a lot of wear and tear going on. The door cards are tan whilst the rest of the interior is black, and the tops are peeling at the seams from years of sun damage. The driver's seat also has a fair amount of wear as the previous owner was rather overweight. The leather is nice though.

      3. Acceleration 8/10
      While 180ish horsepower and an equivalent amount of torque might not seem like alot, she pulls. Hard. The rainy Washington winters make it a little hard to put power down, but it's still fun to spin the tires every once and a while. The torque is pretty much always there, so there's plenty of torks for safe uphill passing. Unlike a specific TCL darling...

      4. Braking 6/10
      Once again, nothing special here. The GTI brakes that are on it are much more effective than the stock Cabrio disk/drum combo, but she's still a heavy car that's pretty hard to bring to a stop.

      5. Ride 3/10
      The ride is absolute garbage. Even though they're not spun down too far, $300 Raceland coilovers with air springs on the front aren't exactly the pinnacle engineering. The car bounces around like a ragdoll when the road gets rough, and tall people have to watch their heads on the ceiling when the roads get real bad.

      6. Handling 3/10
      To put it nicely, this car is an understeering pig. From the factory, she wasn't exactly Lotus-like in handling, and the high power/high weight VR6 hung out over the nose doesn't exactly help. The Raceland's are crap as well. You get what you pay for.

      7. Gearbox 8/10
      While VR6 gearboxes aren't exactly known for their reliability, I love how they feel while you row through the gears. The golfball shift knob has a really nice feel and the throw is rather long but after 100 some thousand miles it still feels pretty notchy. Plus, reverse is where it should be. Up and to the left.

      8. Audio 8/10
      The stereo is below average by modern standards, but in my opinion, the VR6 is one of the best sounding 6 cylinders out there. The shallow angle of the engine's "vee" pattern allows for the sound to be halfway between a V6 and an inline 6. On top of that, the 2.5 inch exhaust has a great throaty tone when you really step on it. Like I said earlier, not much is better than getting on it in a tunnel.

      9. Toys 7/10
      While not a TCL approved modification, the saving grace here is the air suspension. I love it. Airing it up and down makes me crack a smile without fail, plus the ladies love it. Or not.

      10. Value 3/10
      I've poured probably upwards of 10 grand into this car, and there's no way it's actually worth that much to anyone else. It's full of sentimental value, but that's about it. Plus, it's a late 90s Volkswagen so it's plagued by various mechanical and electrical gremlins.

      Total: 58/100
      At least it's a passing grade!

    2. Banned EuroPartsBin's Avatar
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      Dec 10th, 2012
      jkm7385 broke my heart.
      Small frosty
      12-16-2012 07:58 PM #2
      Quote Originally Posted by miatafreak View Post

      9. Toys 7/10
      While not a TCL approved modification, the saving grace here is the air suspension. I love it. Airing it up and down makes me crack a smile without fail, plus the ladies love it. Or not.


    3. Member GTE77's Avatar
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      Sep 2nd, 2009
      Florida / Rio de Janeiro
      Puma GTE / Audi A3 8L
      12-16-2012 08:00 PM #3
      95 318ti

      NOT MY CAR

      2. Exterior 7/10 - Beautiful design in my eyes, does'nt get a 10 because the e36 coupe exists.
      3. Interior 8/10 - LOVE the dash, LOVE the interior. Hate the seats.
      4. Acceleration 7/10 - 150HP in a RWD car. FUN FUN FUN
      5. Braking 8/10 - it stops
      6. Ride 2/10 - Piece of ****, so ****ing unconfortable. I will be getting new shocks soon maybe it will make a diference.
      7. Handling 9/10 - Love mountain roads
      8. Gearbox 8/10 - Hard shifting, however, its my bushings/clutch not the car itself.
      9. Audio 7/10 - High revving, I do need a new exhaust tough.
      10. Toys 8/10 - none - I did install a Start switch that lights up...but its RWD so that alone is a toy
      11. Value 1/10 - its a 95 BMW, the kind noone likes.
      12. Total 85/100 - I love it, but I`ve had better cars that did what it does and alot more.

      (if you can`t tell i am pissed off at it right now.)

    4. Member GeneParmesan_22's Avatar
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      Jan 19th, 2010
      Boston, MA
      Honda Accord, A few bicycles.
      12-16-2012 08:02 PM #4
      I feel these reviews will be as biased as Car and Driver with a 3 series BMW...

    5. Senior Member Lwize's Avatar
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      Dec 4th, 2000
      Los Angeles
      15 Rav4
      12-16-2012 08:07 PM #5
      Too much work.

      Overall, torque not withstanding, I'd still rather have a Honda.
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    6. Member curvedinfinity's Avatar
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      Oct 11th, 2004
      Highway to the danger zone
      F14 Tomcat
      12-16-2012 08:12 PM #6
      1. (actual car)

      2. Exterior 9/10
      3. Interior 9/10
      4. Acceleration 10/10
      5. Braking 10/10
      6. Ride 10/10
      7. Handling 10/10
      8. Gearbox 9/10
      9. Audio 10/10
      10. Toys 10/10
      11. Value 6/10
      12. Total 93/100
      Last edited by curvedinfinity; 12-16-2012 at 08:28 PM.

    7. Member
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      Sep 25th, 2010
      wilmington DE
      1964 corvair spyder, 1975 bmw 2002, 1976 bmw 2002 rally car, 1994 bmw 530it, 2001 C5
      12-16-2012 08:18 PM #7
      64 corvair flat 6

      1. exterior 7/10
      i do personally like the exterior of the car, im not a fan of the paint and the one fender that has been replaces has some bubbling rust areas

      2. interior 7/10
      the white looks good, i like the look of the dash, i dont like the no seatbelts and lack of a carpet(the only carpet thats in there is just a piece of house carpet )

      3. acceleration 3/10
      basically it has none, it has just enough power to pull out into moderate traffic

      4. braking 3/10
      4 wheel drum, nuff said

      5. ride 5/10
      suspension is bouncy and boaty which is nice, i could update the suspension which would help. kind of jarring but the comfy bench seat helps out alot

      6. handling 5/10
      lazy lazy steering, rolls in the corners. its a classic car, it is a bit fun in the windy roads do to the lazy steering and boaty ride, it puts a smile on your face

      7. gearbox 3/10
      has a 2spd powerglide which i absolutely hate. the droan is annoying it takes forever to shift. only reason it gets a 3 is because it works.

      8. audio 4/10
      it has no radio, and it has a good exhaust note, but due to the before mention powerglide, it droans.

      9. toys 2/10
      only real "toy" is that once the key is in the on position you can remove to unlock the glovebox or trunk and still start the car

      10. value 4/10
      nice original clean interior with no rips, dash isnt cracked, its a base model which is rare because most base models were just beat to hell and then scrapped. worth way way less than i have into rebuilding the engine

      11. 43/100. i still love the car due to its uniqueness and its my first classic car and my first engine rebuild

      its fun to get in a field though

    8. Member curvedinfinity's Avatar
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      Oct 11th, 2004
      Highway to the danger zone
      F14 Tomcat
      12-16-2012 08:22 PM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by freedo84gti View Post
      64 corvair flat 6

      Beauty of a car

    9. Member DubNMiatafan's Avatar
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      Feb 13th, 2009
      Chicago, IL
      1994 Corolla, 1990 Miata
      12-16-2012 08:24 PM #9
      Taken from another forum where I actually reviewed it before:

      Since I've now owned the car for almost 7 months and nearly 7,000 miles, I feel that I am able to give a precise and thorough review of it. Keep in mind it is 23 years old, so my results are probably not going to be typical of any random NA Miata you find on the street. As always, what matters most is how it was maintained. I will rate it on a scale of 1-10.

      Year: 1990
      Make: Mazda
      Model: MX-5 Miata
      Miles: 85,500
      Engine: 1.6L I-4; 116 HP @ 6500 RPM, 100 ft. lbs. of torque @ 5500 RPM (factory @ flywheel)
      Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone independent
      Brakes: 4 wheel single piston disc brakes
      Curb weight: 2116 Lbs
      Gas tank capacity: 11.9 US gallons
      Additional options on this car: Power steering, A/C, leather wrapped steering wheel, power windows, hardtop, viscous LSD, 14" alloy wheels, CD/cassette combo, headrest speakers
      Modifications: Stebel Nautilus Compact air horn, 60mm Cobalt cat-back exhaust, drilled airbox

      Engine/Drivetrain Performance: 6
      Handling/Braking: 8
      Practicality: 3
      Reliability: 8
      Cost to own: 8
      Feasibility of Sexual Encounters: 2
      Fun Factor: 10

      Engine/Drivetrain Performance: I'll start off with probably the least appealing aspect about this car from a pure driving standpoint: the engine is small. 1.6 liters just can not produce much power without forced induction. To get this car to move at a reasonable click, you must rev it above 3500 RPM. Below that, and it just does not have enough torque to move it around. With all that being said however, it is a fantastic small engine. It sounds wonderful with a modified intake and exhaust, and since the gearing is so short, at highway speeds it can pass effortlessly, even in top gear. The transmission is very robust (although my shifter assembly needs a refresh at this point) and the shifts are positive and precise. Clutch action is very light with a bit of freeplay near the top of its travel. The differential still does a fairly good job, (only had 10-15% lockup when it was new) though the differentials in the 1.6 cars are prone to breaking, even under stock power, when abused. I would not recommend launching hard very often.

      Handling/Braking: This is where the Miata truly shines. Even with my 23-year old almost shot stock suspension, it still corners and handles amazingly. I easily take highway on ramps at double the recommended speed (with bad suspension and terrible all-season tires) and when it does break away, it does so predictably and it is very easy to correct. The steering is very direct, albeit a bit light. In the rain, it can get loose if you push it. If you drive normally, it will not send the back end out, but if you try to kick it out, it will comply. As for braking, it astonished me when I first drove the car. Extremely good pedal action that is very linear and grabs almost right at the top of the travel. Braking itself is very good, I still have never locked up the crappy tires even under hard braking. My experience will vary once I refresh the suspension and install better tires.

      Practicality: There is not much praise to be given here. Two seats, almost no storage in the interior, and a very small trunk that has nearly 1/3 of its space occupied by the spare tire and battery. If you are not willing to deal with this lack of space, this car will not work for you. Even I have had issues with the laughable trunk space. I have had to relocate my cargo to the passenger seat. Also, the fuel tank is extremely small, and the gas gauge reads empty when I have used about 10 gallons. So once I hit 200 miles, my gas gauge is nearly empty. It is very frustrating.

      Reliability: With proper maintenance, this car is very reliable. So far, I have had no problems with it in the 7 months that I've owned it. As long as the maintenance is kept up and you give it the old Italian tuneup once in a while (every day) it will perform beautifully.

      Cost to own: It is a fairly inexpensive car to begin with. Maintenance parts are cheap and plentiful (even OEM), and there is a DIY writeup/video online on nearly everything you can think of doing for this car. Gas mileage is fairly good for a sport-intentioned car like this if you keep your foot out of it. For me, I see about 23 city, and about 30 highway. Mixed driving usually results in 26-28 mpg.

      Feasibility of Sexual encounters: Damn near impossible. The only way I could see it being done is if you take the top off, sit on the parcel shelf, and have her (or him, I mean, it is a Miata) straddle you. But that kind of defeats the point of car sex (quick and discreet).

      Fun Factor: It's literally the most fun I have driving a car. Not the quickest, best handling, or most comfortable thing I have driven, but it all comes together beautifully and is extremely rewarding to drive. Everything makes you feel like you are in a go kart XL. I look forward to driving it whenever I get the chance. It is a very "seat of your pants" type car. Everything about it has a certain feel that can not be described by words, but just feels "right" when you are in the driver's seat.
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    10. Member
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      Sep 25th, 2010
      wilmington DE
      1964 corvair spyder, 1975 bmw 2002, 1976 bmw 2002 rally car, 1994 bmw 530it, 2001 C5
      12-16-2012 08:25 PM #10
      Quote Originally Posted by curvedinfinity View Post
      Beauty of a car
      thank you, my first classic car at 18, parents got it for me as a graduation gift, its out of commission right now due to a destroyed axle bearing.

    11. Member 1985Jetta's Avatar
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      Mar 11th, 2012
      1985 Jetta GL 5MT, 1991 Jetta GL 3AT, 1973 Gran Torino station wagon, 2004 Maxima 3.5 SE
      12-16-2012 08:27 PM #11
      too many cars to review

    12. Member burple's Avatar
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      Dec 7th, 2012
      12-16-2012 08:30 PM #12

      1. See above ^

      2. Exterior 10/10 - Personally I love the exterior design, the 11+ refresh really made the car fantastic on the outside

      3. Interior 6/10 - Seats, dashboard layout and steering wheel are all fantastic, but the car is littered with cheap materials

      4. Acceleration 8/10 - 0 to 60 in under 5, lots of power across the band. Only gets an 8 because the STI exists

      5. Braking 9/10 - surprisingly great braking system with little to no fade under hard use

      6. Ride 7/10 - not too soft or too stiff, but it could use some upgrades. Body roll does exist.

      7. Handling 7/10 - see above

      8. Gearbox 7/10 - STI short shifter with kartboy front and rear bushings = best gearbox I've ever used. Just wish I had a 6th gear, thus the 7.

      9. Audio 3/10 - stereo system is atrocious, exhaust is a solid 8/10

      10. Toys 2/10 - bluetooth... that's about it

      11. Value 10/10 - base price of 26k for a 260hp awd 4 door sedan with a manual transmission. nothing on the market comes close

    13. Member 1985Jetta's Avatar
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      Mar 11th, 2012
      1985 Jetta GL 5MT, 1991 Jetta GL 3AT, 1973 Gran Torino station wagon, 2004 Maxima 3.5 SE
      12-16-2012 08:44 PM #13
      1982 GMC Caballero 350 automatic

      1. Exterior 9/10 - rust under the back window, dented tailgate. Otherwise, it's nice. Looks good with the MC SS wheels.

      2. Interior 8/10 - panel that goes behind seats is missing, no tach. Everything else is great. Seats aren't torn, has a dash cover.

      3. Acceleration 7/10 - rather slow, sounds decent though

      4. Braking 8/10 - stops very well

      5. Ride 8/10 - smooth ride, not bouncy

      6. Handling 8/10 - steers good

      7. gearbox 10/10 - serves its purpose well

      9. audio - 0/10 - no radio

      10. Toys 0/10 - nothing since it's old

      11. Value 7/10 - worth enough to make a profit, unique because it's the GMC version

      Total score - 65

    14. 12-16-2012 08:45 PM #14
      1. At least one picture. Preferably of your actual car, not Google.

      2. Exterior 510 - It's a hate it or love it affair, and I love it
      3. Interior 8/10 - It's as large as a full-size vehicle, but the accommodations are minimalistic and not stroke-able. I can fit 5 mid-sized shipping pallets in the back though
      4. Acceleration 1/10 - It doesn't, unless I bring it to redline. It is reliable though, and I don’t have to worry about a timing belt
      5. Braking 8/10 - Does pretty well here, now even better with TRD pads.
      6. Ride 1/10 - In OEM form it's very springy and stiff. I've added a much more comfortable set up.
      7. Handling 5/10 - Same type of chassis as a vw mk4, so not horrible, but not great either. Loves understeering.
      8. Gearbox 5/10 - Desperately needs a taller 5th or 6th gear. Lower gears are adequate though. Shifting is fine.
      9. Audio 7/10 - Stereo was one of the first for Ipod integration, and the speakers were great! Road noise is a HUGE problem, as there is very little to no sound deadening.
      10. Toys 10/10 - ABS/VSC/TCS are nice to have on a car like this. I've added some things of my own which make it a better daily-driver.
      11. Value 10/10 - These are still in big demand, and I was lucky to find the deal on mine. Even when new, these were a tremendous value for what you got. Now it’s tough to find a nice unmolested one.
      12. Total 60/100

    15. I hibernate. Just like the Turtles! GoHomePossum's Avatar
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      Nov 7th, 2007
      '14 GMC Sierra, '88 Mitsubishi Jeep CJ3B
      12-16-2012 08:51 PM #15
      Tacoma: total 100/100
      I now have an InstaGram: emmettlodge

    16. Member TooFitToQuit's Avatar
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      Jun 5th, 2003
      A dealership
      '12 FJ Cruiser 6MT, '15 Triumph ST3
      12-16-2012 08:52 PM #16
      2012 Fit Sport 5MT

      1. At least one picture. Preferably of your actual car, not Google.

      2. Exterior 6/10

      While nothing amazing, the 2012 facelift makes the Fit a bit more interesting, adding black accents.

      3. Interior 8/10

      The interior is incredibly versatile, ergonomic, and useful. My vice is the seats are ho-hum, as expected for a subcompact.

      4. Acceleration 5/10

      Plenty for daily use, but nothing blistering.

      5. Braking 5/10

      Same as acceleration. Nothing amazing, but new pads/lines/fluid will help!

      6. Ride 6/10

      Bouncy but planted.

      7. Handling 8/10

      After adding aftermarket rear sway brace and springs, it feels much more controllable and is a riot to throw into the corners.

      8. Gearbox 10/10

      With aftermarket bits, this is as good as it gets. Notchy, but not difficult nor does it vibrate / chatter.

      9. Audio 5/10

      Nothing outstanding.

      10. Toys 9/10

      The retrofit certainly helps light up the road where the OEM H4s and even drop-in HIDs simply cannot.

      11. Value 9/10

      Excellent value for the fun and pleasure it brings on a daily basis.

      12. Total 90/100

      Overall fun, but with a bit more aftermarket everything can be dialed in and all small complains removed.

    17. Member hardcore4life's Avatar
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      May 8th, 2010
      Mentor ,Ohio
      2013 focus ST ST3
      12-16-2012 08:55 PM #17

      Exterior 7/10 - Wish they kept the mk2 design
      Interior 8/10 - nicer then my jetta was
      Acceleration 9/10
      Braking 9/10
      Ride 9/10
      Handling 9/10
      Gearbox 8/10
      Audio 9/10
      Toys 8/10
      Value 9/10
      Total 85/100

    18. Member Spiller337's Avatar
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      Nov 26th, 2009
      LI NY
      '97 GTI VR6, '97 Golf 2.slow, 2017 Honda Fit brapmobile
      12-16-2012 08:55 PM #18
      mk3 alert

      1997 GTI VR6 Drivers Edition.

      Exterior: It's a 15 year old German hatchback. The design itself is very bland, nothing very exciting about it at all, except that it is one of less than 300 (i believe) to come in jazz blue, on of my favorite colors. Very bright, loud, and, well, blue. However, this particular example has had it rough over the years, and fell victim to some minor quarter panel rot, and 15 years of dents, dings, and fading paint. 3/10

      Interior: Nothing fancy. The car originally came with the blue-stitched seats, steering wheel, shift boot, and e-brake boot, but all that remains are the seats. The steering wheel has been replaced by a small, wooden Luigi wheel, and a matching MK4 knob has been installed. The seats are comfortable, and I love the location of all the controls, everything is exactly where they should be. And it has a sunroof (my first car with a sunroof)! But it leaks. 4/10

      Acceleration: 12v VR6, so there is plenty of go power from stoplights. The 3rd gear ratio is awful, but everything pulls very nicely in 4th. Still, gets to the speed limit very quickly. It's no Z06, but certainly no 2.0. 4.5/10

      Braking: It stops. New pads and rotors. Never had a problem with slowing down. Though I can't stop on a dime and get a nickel change 7/10

      Ride: When I got the car it was on cheapo coilovers. I blew out the rears shortly after, replacing them with a cup kit. My kidneys are bruised and I clench at the sight of even the smallest crack in the asphalt. 2/10

      Handling: Fwd. understeer blah blah blah, although I'm sure most of what I feel is due to the half-assed suspension currently on it. The car can act quickly though. 4/10

      Gearbox: Third gear sucks. Chipped reverse gear. 4/10

      Audio: New pioneer headunit, blown speakers. I'll call that one fifty-fifty. Or maybe thirty seventy. 3/10

      Toys: None.

      Value: Real world - depressing. To a flat-brimmed, skinny jeans, raybans wearing high-schooler, very profitable

      The car is currently off the road, since I jsut got my 1999 Cherokee 4.0 on the road for the winter (Everything: 10/10 because 4.0L Jeep). While it's in poor shape now, I have a stockpile of parts waiting to go on (suspension, wheels, tires, etc), and bodywork and new paint is going to be performed as well. I know it's just a mk3, but I figured most of you TCL people would get a kick out of it. I know the car isn't great, but I don't pretend that it is. I'm into it for my own personal reasons, not to be part of the dubber mentality thats been spreading.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ernie McCracken View Post
      Something something haters something YOLO, etc.

    19. Banned Chris Stack's Avatar
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      Hondas, regular and extra-pricey
      12-16-2012 09:10 PM #19
      S2000: 10/10. Stereo sucks, kinda noisy, more fun than a tickle fight with some naked Olsen twins. With another 100hp, it would be perfect.

      TSX: 7/10, great economical commuter. With another 100hp and RWD/AWD it would be 10/10.

    20. Member warren_s's Avatar
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      Apr 26th, 2009
      2016 TTS
      12-16-2012 09:30 PM #20

      2010 Audi A3 2.0T Quattro S-Line. 112,000km after 3 years.

      2. Exterior 9/10 -- this car gets lots of attention and positive compliments from people. IMO still the best-looking hatchback you can buy (though I guess not for much longer with the A3 out of production now).
      3. Interior 8/10 -- very nice place to be, dash-strokers are well at home here, but it's let down a bit by creaks from the center console and the rear seats don't fold flat unless the bench is taken out.
      4. Acceleration 7/10 -- I've timed a 0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds. Pretty good. Turbo lag and DSG means a different driving style is needed and it's easy to get caught in the wrong gear when it's time to beat a dickbag cabbie off the line. I've long since learned how to work with this but it can feel underpowered to someone new to the car.
      5. Braking 10/10 -- One of my favourite parts of the car. Solid, linear, great pedal feel.
      6. Ride 6/10 -- A3 with the S-Line package is not known for its smooth ride quality. On the plus side it's very communicative.
      7. Handling 8/10 -- once you get used to The Audi Way of steering, it's a total hoot. Strikes a really good balance between a nice loose feel at very low speeds, and tight at high speeds.
      8. Gearbox 9/10 -- DSG is epic. Gear shifts are fast and smooth, manual downshifting for engine braking "feels right" and rev-matches like a boss so it sounds good too. I'd give it 10/10 but DSG boxes are a jerky off the line.
      9. Audio 8/10 -- stereo is Bose, 10 speakers with active noise cancellation, very very good system. Engine note is decent, sounds good at high revs, but really nothing too spectacular.
      10. Toys 8/10 -- for 2013 it's a bit behind, but I've got the full nav system with a lot of clever capabilities, iPod integration (charger + plays music), Bluetooth (which works nicely with my new Windows Phone.... it'll read text messages to me and I can speak text messages in return), Sirius satellite radio, 2 SD card slots for 64 gigs of additional music, dual climate control, two sunroofs, two trip computers. It's missing some useful things like a USB plug and audio in jack.
      11. Value 5/10 -- it's a lot of money for what you get. Intangibles like style, design, and the subtle communication that you're doing well are hard to put a price tag on. On the plus side, it's super easy to beat EPA fuel economy estimates, even with relatively spirited driving.
      12. Total 78/100

    21. Undersecretary of Understeer JalopnikMatt's Avatar
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      12-16-2012 09:46 PM #21
      Great to see everyone using the Jalopnik Review format. Awesome cars. Need to get the Merkur fixed before I give it a full review.

    22. Member DrivinAW8's Avatar
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      87 BMW God's Chariot, 16 VW Sorority Special
      12-16-2012 09:49 PM #22

      (now returned to stock)

      2. Exterior 6/10

      I like the red, it helps me find it in the sea of Camrys, which it also happens to look like. When I had it lowered and with BBS wheels, I thought it looked very nice. Now it's just a late-model Jetta. There is a touch of rust on the trunk lid, the front is sandblasted from 92xxx highway miles, and the right side has a whole mess of dents from the PO's encounter with one of our four-legged friends. It's a 20 footer.

      3. Interior 6/10

      Dash strokers unite! After the sagging headliner was fixed, all I have to complain about is a few (read = way too many) rattles, peeling soft-touch, and the windscreen defogger vent popping out of place. It still smells new.. with a hint of gear oil that I spilled in the trunk. Oh, and the drivers' seat sucks for my back. I ****ing hate driving this thing for more than 2 hours.

      4. Acceleration 6/10

      The 2.0Turbeaux is stock, and makes fun noises and generally feels fast. Until I get passed by a Toyota Sienna, I feel like a real speed demon. Also, driving my father's Stasis-tuned B8 S4 really ruined my sensation of speed in this car.

      5. Braking 8/10

      It stops. I think I need to bleed the fluid though. I'm sure it's 6 years old at this point.

      6. Ride 8/10

      Stock, it's pretty comfortable. I did replace the dampers and front strut mounts 3K miles ago, and that helped.

      7. Handling 6/10

      I've never pushed it too hard. With the FK's and Nitto 555's, it was very inspiring. On stock suspension and A/S tires, it pushes on off-ramps. Whatever.

      8. Gearbox 7/10

      Before it warms up, 1st gear is a bitch. I occasionally have difficulty getting it into 2nd or third. I should just replace the linkage bushings or whatever, but I don't care to. On a good day, I enjoy the shift action (keep in mind I've been ruined by the revered S2K, having driven my father's many years)

      9. Audio 7/10

      I'm no audiophile so the stereo is more the adequate. Wind/tire/engine noise isn't bad on the highway but the rear left wheel bearing is going to take a **** soon and that makes a hell of a racket. Also, the engine is fairly quiet but I like all the wooshes from the turbo/DV.

      10. Toys 10/10

      I don't know what the hell this means, so I gave it a 10.

      11. Value 9/10

      I bought it from the PO two years ago, who was offered little better than scrap on a trade in for a 2011 Kia hamstermobile. The a/c didn't work, the drivers side window would not go back up, the cam follower was toast, the headliner sagging, and the car was filthy. All of those things were fixed by VW under various extended warrantees, in a surprising show of grace and customer care. I'll likely be selling it soon for the same price I paid for it. I consider that a good deal. Also, insurance ain't so bad (I pay about $63/month, I'm a 21 year old male) and the gas mileage is decent (averaging 25).

      12. Total 75/100

      Seems about right. A C. I don't hate it, and I don't love it. It does everything decently. It's a car. Yay cars.

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      12-16-2012 09:59 PM #23
      I give mine 100 points. It starts and goes forward when I want it to. It also stops. It's about all I can ask for on a 200K mile 20 year old mercedes wagon.
      New Fun Old Car Stuff Happening Soon.

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      Quote Originally Posted by emmettlodge View Post
      Tacoma: total 100/100
      Needles disagrees...

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      Quote Originally Posted by 1985Jetta View Post
      too many cars to review
      If you went with the ones that actually drove, that wouldn't be too hard.

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