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    Thread: Calling all TCLers: Review your own car!

    1. Member .:Chr!sVR6's Avatar
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      Dec 7th, 2009
      The sticks, NY
      '73 Superbeetle, 08.5 Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T DSG
      12-17-2012 12:37 AM #36

      2. Exterior 5/10
      I get a couple compliments here and there, but it reminds me of a corolla sometimes

      3. Interior 8/10
      I personally think the interior is very nice. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and all of the plastics have a quality feel to them. The seat warmers are amazing (just like most vw's)

      4. Acceleration 6/10
      I used to think the thing was so fast. But after driving my uncles '10 Camaro SS 6 speed I realized it isnt at all. My friends consider it fast but they drive 20 year old lifted pick-up's

      5. Braking 8/10
      I love the brakes on this car. They grab nicely.

      6. Ride 6/10
      When it was on stock suspension it was very smooth on the that it's on sport springs the ride can be pretty harsh at times.

      7. Handling 8/10
      Very forgiving to toss around. I love taking it out on twisty country roads.

      8. Gearbox 8/10
      While I prefer manual, I personally think the DSG is a brilliant gearbox. I pretty much always drive in tiptronic and downshift every chance I get.

      9. Audio 7/10
      It's alright. I have definitely heard better though

      10. Toys 10/10
      not too sure what toys are

      11. Value 4/10
      Has depreciated a pretty good amount now that I'm nearing 50k. Was not expecting such quick depreciation but that's life

      12. Total 70/100...Sounds like my grades back in highschool
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      This is why Gen Y is really unhappy. Late 90s/Early 2000s small turbo motors. They're like crack and slightly more expensive.

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    2. Member Adam Pristas's Avatar
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      Jan 19th, 2008
      Winston Salem, NC
      12-17-2012 09:00 AM #37
      1. Mine is this exact same vehicle only a little dirtier right now.

      2. Exterior 5/10
      It looks like a big truck, but a nice one. Much better than the Eddie Bauer two tone versions.

      3. Interior 8/10
      Plastic, but functional. It's huge and serves every possible purpose for my family and work needs.

      4. Acceleration 2/10
      Triton V8 vs. 7000 lbs.

      5. Braking 2/10
      It will stop

      6. Ride 7/10
      Smooth here, thanks to the air ride. It's actually very quiet.

      7. Handling 1/10
      Not a vehicle to even test handling.

      8. Gearbox 4/10
      It shifts through 5 gears w/ OD. Just had to replace a torque converter at 100,000 miles. I can get 20 mpg highway.

      9. Audio 5/10
      Movies sound good on built-in, flip-down DVD

      10. Toys 8/10
      Heated and cooled seats, enough room to move a family of 5 on a trip to Costco with a stroller in the back. Would have given a 9 here if the 07 had phone controls or Sync.

      11. Value 8/10
      Bought it for $18K with 100K on the odometer. Have had to replace all plugs and half the coilpacks, and that torque converter in the first year of ownership. Total cost out of pocket $1250. We don't drive much, so gas prices aren't a problem. I feel like we got a $60K vehicle for $18K.

      12. Total 50/100... Score doesn't reflect how perfect a vehicle this is for our family.

    3. Member
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      Jan 21st, 2005
      '81 Diesel Caddy, '90 Corrado TDI, 2010 Audi A5 2.0T S-line
      12-17-2012 09:27 AM #38

    4. Member Chris_V's Avatar
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      Jun 18th, 2009
      Pikesville, MD
      1963 Mercury Comet, 2014 Mini Cooper, '02 Suburban 2500LT
      12-17-2012 09:51 AM #39

      2. Exterior 8/10. It's no Aston, but I love th e '05-09 Mustangs. Classic like my old '70 Fastbacks, but still completely modern in detailing. And I think the upgrades I've done to it enhance that feeling.

      3. Interior 6/10. A little on the hard plasticky side, I still like the styling.

      4. Acceleration 6/10. Not bad with the 3.55s in the back, but could use a bit more oomph. A supercharger kit would solve that.

      5. Braking 6/10. Again, not bad, and the new tires really made a lot of difference. A bit of dive, but easily dealt with.

      6. Ride 7/10. I find it comfy and smooth, as the springs and shocks are still stock. I could stand it to be a bit stiffer, though, to control the dive under braking.

      7. Handling 7/10. I've driven a lot of good cars on teh street and track and this thing surprised me when i first drove it. It corners falt, and the line is very controllable with the throttle. Any oversteer is controllable, and the traction control lets there be a little bit of fun before reeling you back in. It's no Miata, but it's also no Camry.

      8. Gearbox 7/10. Short throws, accurate, but slightly stiff.

      9. Audio 8/10. The Shaker 500 sound system was nicely upgraded with the new bluetooth HU, but it doesnt' get turned up often due to the excellent soundtrack provided by the Pypes Violator exhaust. I may upgrade that to the Pype Bomb exhaust just to get more volume from it.

      10. Toys 9/10. Outstanding aftermarket support, with anything I could want available. So far ive' done a lot of minor customization, but more suspension work and a supercharger are in it's future.

      11. Value 7/10. It's a fairly new car and so it's still depreciating, thus some of it's value is lost. But the price was quite good for what the car cost new (I paid $16k against a $19k asking price when book was $22k). And what you get for the money is a lot of car.

      12. Total 71/100. Woudl i buy it again? Yes, I would.
      I love cars, but the problem is they are like schroedinger's hobby. They're always in a quantum superstate of being both awesome and a huge waste of time and money... until observation momentarily forces them into one state or another.

    5. Member BluMagic's Avatar
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      Apr 9th, 2008
      snohomish, WA
      2011 CT200h
      12-17-2012 09:53 AM #40

      2. Exterior 10/10 - Great looking for the price/brand, i can't go to the grocery store without someone stopping me, or drive on the freeway without people hanging out their window

      3. Interior 9/10 - Very solid, the stiff suspension has made the interior light fixture in the glove compartment and the trunk rattle a bit, but can be cured with some mounting tape i am told.

      4. Acceleration 8/10 - acceleration is great, although second gear is a bit long so low RPM second gear accel is a bit laggy. also traction control is very invasive, and can make you look like a retard.

      5. Braking 8/10 - The brembos are great, they just need a pad with less fade

      6. Ride 5/10 - well it is low and rough. rides good for what it is.

      7. Handling 10/10 - it is a blast to drive, best parts of my day is commuting. Probably would handle better higher but i don't have any desire to shave 10ths of a second off my commute. i'm simple; it is fun to kick the ass out and it looks good.

      8. Gearbox 7/10 - needs a stiffer trans mount, better bushings and different fluids. Clutch is also an oddity, but you get used to it.

      9. Audio 8/10 - great pairing, ipod dock, and interface. great sound for not having the premium audio.

      10. Toys 8/10 - i wish i had heated seats, but the best bluetooth i have ever experienced in a car. also the LSD is a great add. nothing else that I am really left wanting

      11. Value 10/10 - i couldn't ask for a better car for the money

      12. Total 83/100... pretty much a 90 with some trans mods, brake pads and if you don't care about bump stiffness.
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    6. 12-17-2012 10:13 AM #41

      97 civic ex
      1. Exterior 5/10
      It's got dents and scratches but still shines ok for a 15 year old car. Will be getting a new red camo paint job this winter

      2. Interior 5/10
      It's stock

      3. Acceleration 6/10
      It has a Jdm b16 I/H/E and cams. Never been on a dyno but I would assume around 160whp

      4. Brakes 7/10
      Axis pads stop well. It's only 2450 lbs

      5. Ride 6/10
      Stock springs koni's rides well

      6. Handling 8/10
      See ride. Does very well with 615k's in the summer

      7. Gearbox 8/10
      Non lsd 5 speed. Still going great no 3rd gear grind yet

      8. Audio 10/10
      2 ab xfl 10's in a custom birch fourth order , pioneer pr80, focal polyglass components , ph4000 md , kicker 350.4. Two deka 31's 50 feet of 2/0 welding cable. Around 3k rms

      9. Toys 2/10
      Besides the stereo it has a sunroof and power windows and locks

      10. Value 10/10
      Paid 2500 minus the stereo and koni's.

      Total 67/100

    7. Member techmonkey's Avatar
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      Sep 27th, 2007
      Chicagoish (LITH/Algonquin)
      2010 Golf 2.5L, 2014 Honda Civic Si coupe
      12-17-2012 10:22 AM #42
      1. At least one picture. Preferably of your actual car, not Google.

      2. Exterior 4/10

      I bought this car specifically because it was a three-door hatchback. So I'm partial to how it looks in that respect. Overall the looks are hit or miss for me. From some angles, it reminds me of an EG Civic hatch. That's good. From most angles it reminds me of a minivan. That's not good.

      3. Interior 7/10

      For an $18K car, the interior is really nice. It's rather bland spartan compared to the TDi and GTI, but I prefer simplicity over bells and whistles. The seats are comfortable and everything is laid out nicely on the dashboard. I definitely prefer the center stack design over what I'm seeing in many of the newer cars. Designs based on 90's all-in-one stereo systems seem to be the current trend elsewhere. So... Basic, no-frills, comfortable. I'm good with that. Oh, and the utility of the hatch. Just brought a 7ft Xmas tree home inside the car. Yay!

      4. Acceleration 6/10

      People seem to love to hate the 2.5L because it's not the TDI or GTI, and I think a lot of that is undeserved. I have a 2010 with the original gearing before they made changes to address fuel economy and I've been happy with it. The engine has decent punch off the line and feels right in it's power-band tooling along on the highway around 60-70MPH. Seems like it has good power until you drive it very aggressively. Then you can tell where it falls flat as it runs out of steam after 5K RPM. For a commuter it's got enough punch to be fun for day to day commutes and passing.

      5. Braking 5/10

      Part of it's because I'm on the stock all-seasons, but overall it feels mid-pack for heavy braking. No complaints, but no praise either. Knock 500 pounds off the curb weight and then it might be worth writing home about.

      6. Ride 6/10

      Smooth ride that feels planted but isn't jarring. I'm a Honda person at heart, but riding in my wife's RSX is night and day in terms of how much of the road noise/imperfections are heard/felt in the cabin.

      7. Handling 6/10

      The feels planted and tossable. It's fun to throw into corners, but could definitely use after-market dampers/springs/tires to really give it more bite

      8. Gearbox 6/10

      Does the job. Not as slick as some of the Honda transmissions I've been familiar with, but no irritations either. Best I can say is that I don't ever think about it. Damning with faint praise?

      9. Audio 6/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)

      I like the base radio. I'm picky about audio and it sounds good enough for everything from ambient to dub to industrial to house. It's like years better than the bass boosted muddy crap that my Miata's Bose system put out. I prefer the basic radio with AUX input over the touch screen interface of the higher end stereo. Part of that is that I believe it is less likely to have issues in the long run and less likely to be stolen. Maybe? Maybe not?

      10. Toys 6/10

      I'm not sure I'll ever be able to live without heated seats, heated mirrors, or Bluetooth again. Not much else going on in this department.

      11. Value 7/10

      I think this car offers a lot of refinement for the the price range it falls into. The post-2009 2.5L has a reputation for being very reliable and at 42K miles, I have had zero issues. Maintenance is expensive, but not terrible. Oil changes run $90but are due every 10K miles ( do mine more frequently) and my 40K was $480. As long as the car doesn't start breaking after the 50K, as VWs are supposedly prone to do, the car is a good value. If it starts nickle and diming me with annoying repairs as it ages, it'll be gone pretty quickly. I'm hoping for almost, but not quite, Honda reliability up to 100K miles.

      12. Total 59/100

      It's a "nice" car that seems perfect to someone looking for a commuter that's not a total bore to drive. Ownership costs and initial reliability seem reasonable for a Euro car. My original choice was a Honda Fit and this seems like more car for similar coin in every respect except cargo and potential long-term reliability. Still, I can't say that I don't wonder if a Fit would have been a better choice for me in the long run every time I pass one on the road.
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      12-17-2012 11:43 AM #43

      2. Exterior 9/10 - (I'm assuming condition?) Minor nicks here and there from usage, but you can practically eat food off the paint. (styling-wise, 6/10)
      3. Interior 7/10 - it's bland, but utilitarian for my purposes. Seats could have bigger bolsters, my next upgrade may be to the JDM semi-bucket Recaros.
      4. Acceleration 6/10 - 131 lb/ft leaves something to be desired, but the gearing makes up for it nicely.
      5. Braking 9/10 - brakes are superb for your standard floating caliper. No fade, good modulation, great power.
      6. Ride 7/10 - I'm on Konis with 375F/350R springs so driving around on rough roads isn't exactly enjoyable.
      7. Handling 9/10 - The car just grips and grips, even on regular UHPs. Once I switch to the RE-11s, I'll almost never lose traction provided I as a driver don't do anything wrong. Lift throttle oversteer when you want it (or not, as my last even at Mid-Ohio proved), almost nonexistent understeer (of course there's power understeer due to FWD but that's expected.)
      8. Gearbox 9/10 - Your typical Honda manual: creamy clutch, very mechanical feel, makes even an amateur rev-matcher feel like a pro.
      9. Audio 9/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.) - I've got an AEM CAI so whenever I cross into VTEC the car just sings.
      10. Toys what/10 - What is this?
      11. Value 9/10 - Paid $15,000, and while for a relatively stock car that gets used semi-regularly on the street and on the track, that may be a little high. But despite the FWD, it's still a lot of car for the money.
      12. Total 84/100 - Great car, could always use more power, but the offerings on stock form from the factory are really amazing. Honda really showed the world what is possible with the FWD layout sans turbo.
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      Bagged MK6 GLI, Ex-BT B5A4 Owner
      12-17-2012 12:29 PM #44

      1997 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T

      1. Exterior 7/10
      I absolutely love the body shape and styling of this car. After an accident I replaced the stock front bumper with an OEM S4 bumper, but the fitment isn't quite right. There are also a bunch of various dings and scratches in the paint that can't really be buffed out. Not bad overall, but black is a tough color to maintain. The passenger-side stubby mirror bothers me as it looks a bit awkward when both mirrors are different sizes.

      2. Interior 3/10
      I really don't like anything about the interior besides the dash. The early pre-facelift model lacks a lot of the more modern features found in the facelift version of the vehicle. The base, gray cloth interior is cheap and ugly, and the seats are very uncomfortable. I find my back aching after about an hour of driving. The 4-spoke steering wheel is made of cheap black vinyl material that fails to look like leather. I try to forget that the cup holders in this car even exist, because they fail to actually hold a cup of any sort. There is no center armrest.

      3. Acceleration 6/10
      She's currently in the process of having her engine rebuild, so I'll comment on the motor before it was overhauled. With the Stage 1 flash and stock turbo, it really does have some pickup and go. The low-end powerband is fantastic for Autocross and daily driving and has enough balls to put a smile on my face when I get on it. I do find myself wanting more sometimes, but that will happen soon enough once the new motor is in.

      4. Braking 7/10
      The brakes are nothing special here. They do enough to stop the vehicle as it is now, but I find that they heat up and start to fade pretty quickly. I've installed some new solid rotors and EBC Green Stuff brake pads in the rear which seem to give it a little more bite. Pedal feel isn't bad but it could be just a tad stiffer. I plan to make quite a few brake upgrades in the near future to go along with the engine upgrades.

      5. Ride 6/10
      The car features a low-to-mid-range set of Vmaxx coilovers, which are only height adjustable. For daily driving, I find that the ride is rather bumpy and quite harsh. The control arm bushings are worn and have yet to be replaced, which adds to the "clunk" sound over bumps. The Quattro system makes the car an overall blast to drive.

      6. Handling 7/10
      Although the ride is harsh, I find that with the lower ride height and stiffer spring rate it actually does corner fairly well. For Autocross however, I plan to raise it up some more in the future to allow more shock travel. The worn control arms tend to add a little slop into the steering response, unfortunately. The S4 rear sway bar helps to compensate for turn-in a bit. As expected, the AWD drivetrain dramatically helps with high-speed cornering and it is a blast to drive.

      7. Gearbox 8/10
      Nothing special here. Second tends to grind when downshifting from third at times. The shifter is a little sloppy, but not NEARLY as bad as my brother's Civic, which I would rate a 1/10. Love the short throw and mechanical feel compared to my slightly-more-sloppy VR6.

      8. Audio 4/10
      Pretty awful, to say the least. A couple of the speakers are beginning to crackle and are probably worn or blown. The car is not equipped with the factory Bose system, and fails to properly project highs or lows. As someone who loves music, this is an area that could most certainly use some improvement in the future.

      9. Toys 7/10
      Lots of mods, too many to list. The car has basically drained my bank account, but with it has come vast improvement in drivability. The "fun" factor steadily increases.

      10. Value 9/10
      Aside from the fact that I've spent a lot of money on this car, they can be had for under $3000, and are a fantastic value. The 1.8t motor is easy to work with and there are countless aftermarket parts and suppliers out there. Quattro is fantastic. Parts are fairly inexpensive and the car still looks pretty sharp compared to some of the newer models. I am very happy with my purchase.

      Total: 64/100
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      12-17-2012 12:44 PM #45
      Quote Originally Posted by Chris_V View Post
      12. Total 71/100. Woudl i buy it again? Yes, I would.
      2 different Mustangs, same score
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    11. Member mhjett's Avatar
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      '08 VW Jetta SE 2.5
      12-17-2012 02:00 PM #46
      You have a category for Gearbox but no category for Engine? For an enthusiast, I can't think of anything that makes or breaks the character of a car than the engine...
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    12. Member Chris_V's Avatar
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      1963 Mercury Comet, 2014 Mini Cooper, '02 Suburban 2500LT
      12-17-2012 02:03 PM #47
      Quote Originally Posted by Wilhelm0075 View Post
      2 different Mustangs, same score
      With different scores in each category, too...

      Quote Originally Posted by mhjett View Post
      You have a category for Gearbox but no category for Engine? For an enthusiast, I can't think of anything that makes or breaks the character of a car than the engine...
      Most people seem to be using the "acceleration" category for that (as well as a bit of the "audio" one for the sound it makes)
      I love cars, but the problem is they are like schroedinger's hobby. They're always in a quantum superstate of being both awesome and a huge waste of time and money... until observation momentarily forces them into one state or another.

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      12-17-2012 02:32 PM #48
      2008 BMW 335i

      1. No pics, its terribly dirty (it's Ontario in the late fall, you can't keep a car clean), who doesn't know what a 335i sedan looks like, raise your hands?

      2. Exterior 7/10
      - I don't like the tail lights, the updated kidneys/front looks better... but oh well. It's classic BMW styling still overall wins me over. Gets a lot of positive comments, especially in Monaco Blue.
      3. Interior 8/10
      - I like the interior layout, how simple everything is to operate, and the German business-like personality of it. It has the Terra leather and walnut wood inserts, perfect! Only demerit is a (common) rattle from the radio area. I know how to fix it, so just need to find the time and the felt tape to do it... not a biggie.
      4. Acceleration 9/10
      - More power then I'll ever need... Very satisfying
      5. Braking 7/10
      - They don't like it being wet... they take a long time to 'dry', and they have side/side pull when wet as well. The rest of the system works great, but yah... too twitchy/scary when the disks are soaked and you brake the first time
      6. Ride 8/10
      - The roads here are BAD... so this car is verging on a little too firm. Overall ride quality is fantastically damped, could use softer set-up for where I live tho. If I lived in an area with better roads, it would be a 9/10
      7. Handling 8/10
      - Very neutral, can play with the throttle. Not the most chuck-able car I've ever had. But very capable and fun! High limits... With RWD it isn't the most fun in snow/rain tho - my Audi was better, but on dry roads it's a blast.
      8. Gearbox 9/10
      - Best automatic I've driven to date... Love that it has three modes (normal/economy... sport... then a manual override. Sport mode is heaven)
      9. Audio 10/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)
      - H/K Logic 7 sound, and one of the best engine/exhaust notes I've ever heard on a passenger car... puts some muscle cars to shame. Straight six
      10. Toys 8/10
      - It's got most of the toys covered. Missing nav (on purpose) and heated steering wheel ()... Wish it had the adjustable thigh support some BMW's have
      11. Value 8/10
      - Got it for $26,800, with 52k kms on it (30k miles), 2 years warranty still on it, lower payments then my Golf, insurance is similar, get great mileage for how much power it has... so far so good!
      12. Total 82/100
      -So far, best car I've owned... I liked my Audi more in some ways (ride and handling year round was better)... but the BMW is built better, has way more value (warranty helps, so does a good purchase price)... Very solid car.

    14. Member 1985Jetta's Avatar
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      12-17-2012 02:35 PM #49
      Quote Originally Posted by Live-Wire View Post
      2008 BMW 335i

      1. No pics, its terribly dirty (it's Ontario in the late fall, you can't keep a car clean), who doesn't know what a 335i sedan looks like, raise your hands?
      -raises hand-

    15. Geriatric Member ATL_Av8r's Avatar
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      Oct 17th, 2002
      12-17-2012 03:01 PM #50
      1. I don't take pictures of my car. Deal with it. It's a stock green 2003 Jetta.

      2. Exterior 2/10
      Well, the structure has held up pretty well for a 10 year old car. All the panels are still there and they're all still green. There's the usual dents from parking spots and the puckers in the bumper from getting hit by a hit-n-run driver, but hey. 1 wheel is curbed, but it was like that when I got it. The bonus here is that I can hit things and not really care.

      3. Interior 2/10
      Smells like Crayola crayons. VW likes to use the cheapest ****ing leather that looks and feels like plastic and the plastic crap on the door handles and dash are shrinking/peeling in a lot of places. I guess it has held up pretty well considering it's age. Sagging headliner automatically deducts 5 points because it's annoying as hell.

      4. Acceleration -3/10
      Would have been -5, but I feel that would be too harsh as every time I hit the accelerator pedal, it has worked.

      5. Braking 0/10
      No matter how many brake pads....fluid flush.....fluid bleeds....etc I perform, it still exhibits the braking performance of the Costa Concordia. Planning stops requires a 1/4 mile of lead time.

      6. Ride 2/10
      Terrible road noise and wind howl at speed. Ridiculously loud at 80mph.

      7. Handling 0/10
      Shocks and bushings are probably worn out.

      8. Gearbox 3/10
      Decent. Handles abuse. Could use a 6th gear though.

      9. Audio 1/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)
      The engine is loud and clangy and the exhaust is nothing special....maybe a little too loud. 1 point given because the radio makes sound.

      10. Toys 0/10's a ****ing Jetta.

      11. Value 10/10
      The goddamn thing was free and it costs less than a decent meal to insure.

      12. Total 17/100
      Overall, it's a good prime number.
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    16. Geriatric Member absoluteczech's Avatar
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      12-17-2012 03:20 PM #51
      2012 Mini Cooper JCW

      _DSC0027 by absoluteczech, on Flickr

      _DSC0014 by absoluteczech, on Flickr

      Let's rate this little mofo

      2. Exterior 8/10
      Personal opinion
      3. Interior 5/10
      Pretty pathetic for a 35k dollar car. feels like a 15k car. my mkv rabbit had a better feeling interior.
      4. Acceleration 8/10
      For the size engine i think its pretty decent
      5. Braking 9/10
      JCW has brembo's. stops on dime
      6. Ride 6/10
      Stock run flats blow chunks. ruin the ride. changing tires is a must. would add +1 for ride after changing tires
      7. Handling 9/10
      It's like they say, feels like a go kart
      8. Gearbox 8/10
      6spd feels pretty good
      9. Audio 5/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)
      Stereo blows. my 94 corolla sounded better. engine sounds like shiet. exhaust is the best part when it farts and burbles. only reason i gave it 5.
      10. Toys 10/10
      Lots of things you can do to this car
      11. Value 5/10
      Don't get much for what you pay for
      12. Total 65/100
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      12-17-2012 05:48 PM #52
      2004 Volvo V70R, 6MT, Titanium Gray exterior, Nordkap Blue interior

      1. Pic (not mine, I don't have any handy, but this is the same color combo of mine)

      2. Exterior 8/10

      The car has a few weird angles, say angled view from the front. But from most other angles (front, side, rear) it just looks fantastic. Purposeful. Conservative but very cool 5 spoke wheels. terrific gray color that shifts depending on ambient light (also available at the time were black, sliver, red). The wheels, spoiler and understated twin pipes suggest somethign is up with the car but it is Q-ship the rest of the way.

      3. Interior 7/10

      The interior of the car is a mixed bag. The worst of the interior includes some pretty flimsy plastic center console components, hard plastic panels and hard plastic controls console with fat, randomly-located buttons. The things that make the interior soar, however, are (i) the front seats, and (ii) the leather covering them. The front seats are, bar none, the most comfortable, supportive, pleasant seats ever put into a car, ever. They are regal thrones from which to pilot the car. Volvo pulled out all the orthopedic and ergonmic stops to create seats that hold you in place for cornering yet feel almost tempurpredic like in their ability to keep you comfortable. I have drive 13 hours in the car in one go and never, not once, felt one of those uncomfortable hotspots that make you shift in your seat. They really are that good.

      The leather in mine is a wonderful blue-black leather called Nordkap Blue. It is almost iridescent. It is also buttery soft. An available option was the Atacama leather, an orangish natural leather, but it requires a little bit more care and diligence to avoid stains.

      4. Acceleration 8/10

      The car is a little tough to launch, as its Haldex AWD system combined with the usual turbo lag conspire to induce a kind of bog-down from a standing start if you are not careful. Once going, the car rips to 60 in 5.8 seconds, the 5-cylinder engine emitting a strange thrumming roar. Like most of the great turbo Swedish cars (Viggen, 9000 Aero), in-gear accelleration in 2nd and 3rd is to be feared -- blink and you're well past posted speed limits. Unlike those wonderful Saab's of old, there is no torque steer at all.

      5. Braking 7/10

      The brakes are highly effective but lack a little bit of feel.

      6. Ride 4/10

      Very wonky ride. The car's suspension is electronically damped with adjustible Ohlins dampers, one of the first mass produced applications of adjustable ride quality -- and it shows. Three settings are available -- Comfort, Sport and Advanced. the first, Comfort, is perfect for bumpy roads but hit a small pothole, manhole cover, or expansion joint with one wheel and the tail end wags bizarrely and ominously. Sport tightens things up into a proper balance been ride and sport, while Advanced is too stuff for anything other than purists (although it does advance ignition timing, making me wish the ignition timing change in Advanced could be combined with the Sport or Comfort setting). The general ride quality is jiggly and not hearly as composed as it shoudl be with such an advanced (for its time) suspension. The car pitches and heaves in weird directions and resonances. It does not hurt one's confidene in the handling in any material way, but it is a glaring imperfection.

      7. Handling 5/10

      The ride quality and odd suspension effects hurt handling, but in general the car hits corners well, slight understeer, and if its slippery you can even get the tail out. The steering is a real weak effort -- the wonderfully good, meaty steering wheel is backed up with truly lame, empty steering effort and feedback.

      8. Gearbox 7/10

      probably not the smoothes gearbox, a littl ebit industrial in its action, but it clicks into gear with a resounding thunk and almost never gets in the way of fast shifting. 5th gear seems like it is unnecessary as the spread betwen 4th and 6th is just not all that big.

      9. Audio 8/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)

      Terrific, rich audio system. Minus points for lack of OEM iPod connectivity but that is easily remedied through 3rd party vendors like Sensolutions, whose IMIV device is 2 hour install for those not afraid to pull out the factory head unit.

      The engine note is strange. It has the usual 5 cylinder thrumming, combined with a little bit of agicultural noise that reminds you that this engine has its roots in the early 1990's. At high rpms, the thrum becomes almost chirpy. Some turbo whistle is audible.

      The stock exhaust from the outside has a nice odd-time burble, it is barely noticeable from the inside.

      10. Toys 5/10

      Not much add-on here. The electronc suspension system, grafted onto a car known for its stoutness and predictability and somewhat trucklike base level handling, instead of sporting pretense, and now 8 years old technology, becomes a half-baked solution at best. Sometimes the car feels well wired, and sometimes it feels like it's going to pitch and heave in the opposite direction from where you expect. The ride quality adjustment is helpful if you have a comfort-loving spouse and you love tight suspensions, but that is about all it offers. The audio system is formidable, allowing for truly unreal blasts of music and ear-damaging volumes that tsill retain high levels of clarity.

      11. Value 10/10

      The car cost $42k new. When you understand what it is, you realize pretty quickly that there is virtually nothing in its class. In 2004, if you were to try to come up with a list of sporty medium/large wagons featuring very fast accelleration and performance, you basically had a list of 3 -- Subaru Legacy GT Wagon, Dodge Magnum SRT8, and the V70R. If you wanted a row your own gears, you were left only with the Subie and the Volvo. Nowdayas, there is basiclaly nothing on the market that fulfills the specs: manual tranmission, non-SUV that hauls a couch and ass at the same time. In 2004, you picked the Subie if you liked their brand of sportiness (and there is much to commend there), the Magnum if you didn't want AWD and lked your power the old fashioned 'murrican way, and the Volvo if you liked swedish sensibility with a fat dollop of your crazy Uncle Olaf after he's had a few too many swigs fom the aquavit bottle. Nowadays, with the wagon market basically having disappeared altogether in the US, purists who want roaring performance in a vehicle that will also haul tons of baby gear are left with high end V8 SUV's or a hot hatch that can't haul as much gear.

      In short, the V70R is a terrific value for the money. At today's prices for used speciments, especially in manual transmission form, these cars are an enthusiasts' dream.

      the faults in the V70R are nuisances, to be sure, but they don't kill the overall package. Highly desirable, fun to drive, great sounds, great cargo capacity, amazing front seats.

      12. Total 70/100
      Caretaker of the National Strategic Beer Reserve

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      '11 Forester 5MT / '93 MR2
      12-17-2012 05:59 PM #53

      2012 Buick Regal GS, 6MT, black/black.
      2. Exterior 9/10 - i think the exterior is SHARP.
      3. Interior 7/10 - too much black and too many buttons.
      4. Acceleration 6/10 - FWD + 295lb/ft = tricky
      5. Braking 10/10 - loving the brembos and how they stop the car NOW.
      6. Ride 9/10 - smooth, love the 3 modes.
      7. Handling 8/10 - best FWD car i've driven outside of a mini cooper.
      8. Gearbox 7/10 - 1-->2 shift is tricky, reverse lockout button in annoying position.
      9. Audio 8/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.) love the sound system, but engine/exhaust is WAYYYY too quiet. but, hey, it's a buick after all.
      10. Toys 9/10 - adjustable suspension, keyless start, lots of goodies.
      11. Value 7/10 - not cheap for the performance you get. but, if you want something different than every other 3 series/C-class on the road...
      12. Total 80/100 - not a bad effort.
      '11 Forester | '93 MR2

    19. 12-17-2012 06:13 PM #54
      I guess I'll play:


      2. Exterior 7/10 - it's not ugly, but it's not always pretty. Honda paint sucks, but there's not a ding on it.

      3. Interior 8/10 - I'd like a round steering wheel and no shiny things, but the seats, layout, and versatility are great.

      4. Acceleration 7/10 - it's fast enough to be fun, but nothing special.

      5. Braking 7/10 - they stop the car and seem to last forever, but I've had better.

      6. Ride 9/10 - strikes a just about ideal balance.

      7. Handling 8/10 - for a cheap FWD car, it's quite good.

      8. Gearbox 10/10 - it's a Honda.

      9. Audio 8/10 - great engine note, good stereo, a bit noisy on the highway, some slight interference with an iPod hooked up.

      10. Toys 4/10 - the steering wheel audio controls are fun and I'm still amused by the shape of the handbrake... but it's a Civic.

      11. Value 10/10 - for what I paid and what it's worth, nothing comes close.

      12. Total 78/100 - a solid average.

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      12-17-2012 06:18 PM #55

      My Car-2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder (pic taken by TCL's own SVT288!)

      1. Exterior 9/10
      Not as crazy looking as the Diablo/Murcielago/Aventador but it is a striking design

      2. Interior 8/10
      I love the 2-tone leather but apart from that I don't care too much about the interior of a sportscar. The nav screen is a little worn-looking (even though it's not a touchscreen it seems like every older Gallardo has the same issue). For some reason my back hurts after driving this car for more than 30 minutes, probably because the pedals are a little offset to the right and the dead pedal isn't aligned optimally

      3. Acceleration 8/10
      It's undoubtedly a fast car but not as fast as you'd think (it would probably get beaten by a Z06 in a straight line). The lack of low-end torque is apparent unless you're really getting on it

      4. Braking 9/10
      No issues here although the brakes squeal from time to time

      5. Ride 10/10
      The ride is amazing for the kind of car it is. Shockingly smooth over poor surfaces

      6. Handling 8/10
      The car is heavy and feels heavy. I'm sure the actual limits of the car are higher than my skills to extract them but it's not as "tossable" feeling as my old C6 was, and the C6 isn't the nimblest car in the world either

      7. Gearbox 6/10
      Not a big fan of the E-Gear tranny. It's cool if you're driving hard but a HUGE pain in the ass around town. I would much, much rather have a proper manual

      8. Audio 8/10
      The sound system is surprisingly weak for a car in this price range but the engine sound is incredible. I prefer a deep rumble but the high-pitched shriek is addictive and loud enough to set off car alarms

      9. Toys 8/10
      The ability to raise the nose to clear speed bumps/ramps is really cool but the 6-CD changer (and no iPod hookup) is archaic

      10. Value 5/10 or 10/10
      You can find better-performing cars for much less money but there are few cars in the world that attract as much attention (for better or worse) so it really depends on what your priorities are

      Total: 79/100 or 84/100 [/QUOTE]
      "When you need to get somewhere quickly, I'd rather get there the fastest I can, looking the best I can"-Rutledge Wood

    21. 12-17-2012 06:27 PM #56
      My 2008 S2000


      2. Exterior 10/10 - I love the simplicity and purity of the S2000 design.

      3. Interior 7/10 - The quality of materials is poor IMO, however the overall design is fine. It's a very driver focused cockpit with good seats. I do, however, still wish that some level of height adjustment was available for the driver.

      4. Acceleration 8/10 - Coming from an STI and also having a 135i, the S2000 certainly isn't as quick. It's no dog either.

      5. Braking 7/10 - The car is in need of a big-brake kit IMO. Initial bite with the stock pads is less than confidence inspiring.

      6. Ride 8/10 - The ride is average. Not outstanding but it's a pretty raw car.

      7. Handling 9/10 - The car handles wonderfully. I just wish the steering feel was a little less numb.

      8. Gearbox 10/10 - Do I need to explain?

      9. Audio 7/10 - The stock system is meh. The headrest speakers are a nice touch. But still, there is a lot of room for improvement. In terms of engine sound, the car has a nice intake sound but no real personality on the exhaust end.

      10. Toys 4/10 - There are no real toys here. The one thing that Honda did right with this car are the HID projectors. Great visibility.

      11. Value 8/10 - For what I paid? It's a great value for a weekend roadster IMO. Based on new MSRP, not so much.

      12. Total 78/100 - Based on these measures the S2000 gets an average score. Yet, I am nearly certain my 135i will score out higher but if given a choice I would drive the S2000 any day.


    22. 12-17-2012 06:39 PM #57
      1. If I remember I'll throw up some pics of the two cars that the TCL may care about:

      1990 Miata + Turbo!
      2. Exterior 3/10 - Paint is faded. This was a car I got for 'free' (just had to do the 120k service) and the previous owner never waxed the car and it sat outside most of its life. It also has a few dings and scratches to go along with the faded paint. No rust though!
      3. Interior 7/10 Nothing really wrong with the interior except the center stack has a broken tab. Simple fix if I could ever find another part that isn't broken Driver seat's left bolster is a bit broken down.
      4. Acceleration 7/10 This is very relative. I have owned street vehicles that are much, much faster, but for most people this car would be considered 'fast.' Has roughly 225 whp and weights ~2100-2200 lbs. No traction, but can roll race with the best of them
      5. Braking 8/10 Has the 1.8 brakes with good pads and rotors. Has more than enough braking power to lock up R comps at speed if you aren't careful. Will fade after a couple of laps though.
      6. Ride 5/10 Too stiff to be comfortable
      7. Handling 9/10 Easily one of the best handling cars I have ever driven, if you stay on top of it. Steering is fantastic (depowered rack so it has the faster ratio, but manual feel). The grip is really high with r comps, but street tires it can be a bit sketchy if you are not paying close attention.
      8. Gearbox 7/10 Only down from a 10 because 2nd is starting to get clunky, and the clutch is starting to wear out.
      9. Audio 2/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.) Stereo sucks, engine note is terrible, too loud... don't care as this isn't a driver
      10. Toys 0/10 what are these toys you speak of?
      11. Value 10/10 can't complain for a free car with maybe 4k in parts in it (lots of used parts)
      12. Total 58/100 Couldn't even pull out a D

      1981 Ford Fairmont:

      2. Exterior 6/10 Paint is faded. Trunk needs replaced because of dents... but I love the 2dr post Fairmonts. IMO best looking fox body. I might be the only person to think that.
      3. Interior 7/10 Recently replaced dash pad and carpet make the interior 95% perfect (still needs a new steering wheel) Amazingly there are no rattles (everything pretty much has screws and not clips) LOVE the bench front seat... On the downside it is blue
      4. Acceleration 1/10 Currently has a 3.3 thriftpower I6. Underpowered doesn't begin to describe. Building a 460 BBF to swap in.
      5. Braking 8/10 Basically has the underpinnings of a SN95 Mustang Cobra underneath it. So it has decent sized brakes for a ~2900 lbs car.
      6. Ride 5/10 Rides pretty rough and the chassis leaves much to be desired. I need to put the cage in the car to give the car some much needed rigidity
      7. Handling 8/10 When the suspension was swapped out, it got some upgraded parts like springs, shocks and sways. Combine that with some sticky rubber it actually handles well. The steering leaves much to be desired though.
      8. Gearbox 2/10 C4 3 speed auto. It doesn't do much well except not break.
      9. Audio 3/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.) Has a decent Pioneer head unit and some speakers, but nothing special
      10. Toys 1/10 I can hookup my iPod!!!!
      11. Value 7/10 for the car's destiny it will be a good value. It will be a built drag car, and there isn't much out there for platforms that are better than the fox chassis. Plus I picked up the car way cheap.
      12. Total 48/100

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      12-17-2012 07:30 PM #58
      Looks like this:

      1. Exterior 8/10
      Refreshed exterior looks better than the 2006-2008 E92's. 16" wheels look a little homely.

      2. Interior 6/10
      brushed aluminum trim looks okay. Some soft touch plastics add to an upscale feeling car. But, the AL trim on the driver side door is too easily dinged by the retracting seatbelt. Also, paint around the power window switches and start button is starting to peel Dash has a simple layout, which I like. Poorly placed and designed cupholders. The regular (non sport) seats are comfortable. Could use more side bolstering when cornering aggressively. But having said that, it's a very comfortable highway hauler. Done plenty of road trips in it and keeps the driver comfortable. Back seat is not suitable for adults on long trips though.

      3. Acceleration 7/10
      I really like the BMW NA inline sixes and this is no exception. Smooth linear power delivery. Acceleration is good. Passing power is also decent. Not a rocket ship, but more than adequate.

      4. Braking 9/10
      Excellent braking, the pedal is a bit sensitive and touchy though. Lots of brake dust from the OE pads.

      5. Ride 8/10
      with the stock run flats, I would give it a 5. But, with the Conti Extreme DW's, it's a solid 8.

      6. Handling 7/10
      Handling is pretty neutral and emergency handling is predictable. For canyon carving, it's not bad either. Yes, it could improve with the sport suspension package albeit at the expense of ride comfort. Also, handling improved with stickier & wider summer tires (see above). Steering weight is good, but feel is slightly isolated.

      7. Gearbox 6/10
      The 6 speed steptronic (auto) is a bit dimwitted, slow to downshift and sometimes too quick to upshift in regular mode, kind of lazy in general. In Sport mode, it's too herky jerky to drive normally, downshifts abruptly when slowing down. Can be sort of remedied in manual mode. My wife's old E46 330Ci with the 5 speed auto didn't seem to have this issue.

      8. Audio 4/10
      stock head unit crapped out within the first year, driver's door speaker has intermittent for as long as we've had the car (dealer couldn't find the problem when it was under warranty) I just deal with it now that it's out of warranty....

      9. Toys 6/10
      none really other than bluetooth, aux audio and homelink are convenient. But, those are pretty standard these days. Power seats with memory

      10. Value 5/10
      For a $40K car, it isn't really high on the value list.

      Total: 66 - D ouch maybe my expectations are too high.

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      12-17-2012 07:31 PM #59
      Quote Originally Posted by thetopdog View Post

      Total: 79/100 or 84/100

      Far higher than I would rate a Gallardo, having plenty of seat time in a 6-speed coupe.

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      12-17-2012 07:55 PM #60
      Which do you guys want a review of? 2009 Civic Si sedan, or '12 Crosstour EXL 4WD?

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      12-17-2012 08:01 PM #61

      2. Exterior 9/10

      I personally think it's one of the best looking 4 door sedans not only in the segment but overall. With some minor tweaks (wheels/suspension) I think it'll be perfect.

      3. Interior 6/10

      Wonky SAAB-ness here. It's not bad, but I came from an Acura CL-S which was considerably nicer. Flimsy gimmick cupholders and a shift knob that will eventually pop off in your hand or in your car on a hot day while you're not in there, leaving you confused as to why your shift knob is now in the back seat. Easy fix.

      4. Acceleration 5/10

      Slight turbo lag with the 2.0t but it's not hard to keep it into powerband. Really fun for the economy and displacement, but I miss the torque of the aforementioned CL-S sometimes.

      5. Braking 6/10

      Average. Didn't impress nor disappoint me. Original brakes are in need of replacement at ~60k but that's with a lot of stop and go driving in Massachusetts traffic.

      6. Ride 6/10

      Serviceable considering you're driving something on the Epsilon platform. Feels well planted in corners and bumps are damped well enough, but you're not going to confuse it with an LS430.

      7. Handling 7/10

      It's fun enough to drive around twisty roads, but suspension and stickier tires (although the stock pirelli's are decent) will do wonders.

      8. Gearbox 7/10

      Good ratios with 6th good for cruising at 75 around 2k rpm. 2nd and 3rd are fun under throttle.

      9. Audio 3/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)

      Crap. Stock head unit is junk, stock Bose system leaves a bit to be desired. Engine note and bypass valve are audible under load/acceleration and are the only reason it gets 3 points at all.

      10. Toys 4/10

      More like gimmicks. Nightpanel/center ignition/cupholders/etc are "cool" but don't really add anything to the car at the end of the day. Stupid OnStar button that stays lit even with nightpanel on. Steering wheel buttons are unsatisfying and offer poor feedback (mine have been disabled at this point anyhow).

      11. Value 5/10

      At the time it won me over with good lucks and good features/power for the price range (under 20k with 25k miles). Now that SAAB has tanked the resale isn't what it could be, meaning at this point it makes sense to try and get as many miles I can out of it vs selling it once paid off...

      12. Total 58/100

      ...but that's not bad news since I love this car. It offers almost everything I want (4 doors, fun to drive, good fuel economy, good looks) in a relatively low priced package. I've had 35,000 miles with it in which I've only had to replace a battery and that stupid cupholder in the dash (under warranty). I still look forward to driving it every morning, and I still like looking back at it in the parking lot
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      12-17-2012 08:01 PM #62

      2010 GTI, picture is from the day I took it home. Awful picture but whatever its one of only 3 I have of this car.
      34,xxx miles now.

      2. Exterior 9/10
      Personally, I think it looks great especially with silver 17" Denvers. I'm probably biased. Loses a point because I didn't really want black.
      3. Interior 8/10
      Bang on. I get a lot of compliments on the plaid seats. Loses some points for interior rattles and the interior isn't very durable.
      4. Acceleration 6/10
      Good for what it is. Then it gets outrun by a Camry V6. Still better than most cars out there I guess, so I'll put it slightly above average.
      5. Braking 8/10
      They've held up fine so far. Plenty braking power to lock up the wheels.
      6. Ride 8/10
      I might be biased but I prefer a slightly stiffer ride. Loses some points for a jittery chassis at times due to the short wheelbase. But supremely confident over bad roads. Soaks up bumps like a sporty car shouldn't.
      7. Handling 7/10
      Fun approaching the limits, then just understeer. Non-defeatable traction control kills the fun. Limited steering feel. However, it was able to keep up with a nice set of Porsches and Lotuses on a spirited drive. The little bugger got a lot of compliments on that trip. The e-LSD seems to actually work somewhat.
      8. Gearbox 7/10
      Gearbox itself is fine. Throws are a tad long. The clutch is way too light with zero feedback at all.
      9. Audio 7/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)
      The stereo sounds fine, but I don't really use it much. Could probably use more bass. Has all sorts of stuff like bluetooth, SD card, line in. Loses points because the touchscreen is stupid and gimmicky. Exhaust sounds nifty when just cruising around at 2k RPM with windows down. Engine has the silly noise pipe that I actually really like, lol.
      10. Toys 10/10
      Big aftermarket. Equipped pretty well from the factory.
      11. Value 9/10
      I think its a great value. Fun, competent, versatile, in a nice looking and decently well put together package.
      12. Total 79/100


      Sounds about right.
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      12-17-2012 08:06 PM #63
      Quote Originally Posted by S0RRY View Post

      2. Exterior 9/10

      3. Interior 6/10

      4. Acceleration 5/10

      5. Braking 6/10

      6. Ride 6/10

      7. Handling 7/10

      8. Gearbox 7/10

      9. Audio 3/10 (Everything. Engine noise, exhaust, stereo, etc.)

      10. Toys 4/10

      11. Value 5/10

      12. Total 75/100
      Typo or math mistake

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      12-17-2012 08:14 PM #64
      Quote Originally Posted by choochoo View Post
      Typo or math mistake

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      12-17-2012 08:22 PM #65
      Quote Originally Posted by Ross1013 View Post
      Which do you guys want a review of? 2009 Civic Si sedan, or '12 Crosstour EXL 4WD?
      Crosstour, Si reviews are a dime a dozen.

    31. 12-17-2012 08:48 PM #66
      Quote Originally Posted by Ross1013 View Post
      Which do you guys want a review of? 2009 Civic Si sedan, or '12 Crosstour EXL 4WD?
      Both. I've seen your review of the '07 sedan, but I'd be curious what somebody who drives a ton of cars thinks five years later.

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      12-17-2012 09:13 PM #67

      2001 Jetta 2.0

      Exterior 7/10:
      I don't know why, but I find the MK4 Jettas and GTIs to be extremely well designed. They are very simple, clean, and everything is proportioned well. I have mixed feelings about the color. I really like it, but there aren't many colors that go well with it, so I feel like I can't do much with it. It is lowered two inches on sport springs and I think it really adds to the car, although I wish it was like an inch lower. Then it would be great. I got the car with 160K and it was definitely garage kept most of its life and only had a few dings and scratches, but now that I have owned it for 4 months and 4,000 miles and it sits in a public parking lot six or seven days a week, it has quite a few new dings and scratches, but no fading or peeling in the paint.

      Interior 7/10:
      The design of the interior itself is really plain and boring. Mine in particular is very clean, as I vacuum it out once a week. It doesn't have a single stain anywhere on it, and the only thing showing any wear is the top of the steering wheel. It does have a bit of a strange smell all the time, and when it gets hot, I get that notorious crayon smell.

      Acceleration 6/10:
      It is slow. but, it is not that bad. I was expecting it to be unbearably slow after reading about it, but driving it, it does not feel terrible. Sometimes on my 15 mile drive to school, if I drive all out and not stop for anything, I can almost hit 60 before I get there. It isn't the slowest car I've driven, I learned to drive in a 2003 suburban, and I don't think it is much slower than that if it is slower at all.

      Braking 8/10:
      I probably haven't driven enough cars to really judge this, but I've never felt like I couldn't stop, even when someone slams on the brakes in front of me. In my friend's 02 passat, every stop feels like you are going to roll right through it, it feels like the car isn't able to stop itself, that's really the only other car I have driven to compare it to. The reason it is an eight is because it doesn't have ABS. The lines were torn before I got the car, and it hasn't really been worth fixing. I've had to hit the brakes pretty hard because of a deer, and they didn't lock up.

      Ride 5/10:
      The ride is decent, and the roads I drive are pretty rough. It isn't lowered much, but the suspension often bottoms out when I hit bumps, like a change in the pavement. There are a couple places where I have scraped the valence. The only speed bump at my school that I can't avoid has a dip in front of it, and if I don't go at an angle, the valence scrapes.

      Handling 8/10:
      I does take turns very well. I never have to pay attention to those recommended speed signs around turns, as I can take any turn at well over the speed limit and never feel like I'll lose any control. The car does have a front swaybar though.

      Audio 6/10:
      The engine doesn't sound good and the exhaust kinda sucks. But the stereo is very good for a stock one, and thats where the 6 came from. It has the monsoon radio in it.

      Toys 3/10: All its got is the iPod adapter for the stock radio that I put in myself and wired through the center console... and power windows... does that count?

      Value 6/10:
      We are in the car about a thousand more than the KBB for it, but if it makes me through the rest of high school and college without any outstanding repairs, it'll turn out to be a pretty good deal.

      Total 56/100
      I guess I get off topic easily, so this got pretty long...
      Quote Originally Posted by AKrett View Post
      A vortex superstar in the mk4 forum is prob equivalent to winning gold in the special Olympics.
      Quote Originally Posted by screwloose45 View Post
      Welcome to vwvortex, where you spend years and all of your money trying to be the epitome of what everyone thinks is cool...only to be **** on, all over, as you miss the mark by inches

    33. 12-17-2012 09:55 PM #68
      Sorry, no pics, but you all know what a silver B6 Passat sedan looks like.
      EXTERIOR: 9 Some really nice styling bits: Head and Tail light shapes mimic each other, separation of taillight functions and "graphic" design cleverly integrated, understated body sculpting without overdone elements, pleasing proportions and silhouette. Chrome snout not my favorite, but silver mutes it, lower chrome trim Mercedes ripoff, clear turn signals would better blend with the silver paint-the amber would be more acceptable if the lens were the full width of its bumper recess. Really like the transition from hood to fender and wheel arch, even though its a BMW 3 clone. Not a fan of the OEM wheels, but that's easily rectified.
      INTERIOR: 8 Would prefer the current CC center horizontal trim-the little drawers are useless and add too many cut lines. Angling the center stack to the rear improves reach to controls compared to my B5.5. Seat bottom sits down into the side hard plastic trim instead of above it, not pleasant if butt straddles the two when getting in.
      ACCELERATION: 9 Not a Porsche, but well matched and enough to be fun.
      BRAKING: 9 Good pedal feel and response, long wearing pads.
      RIDE/HANDLING: 10 German. I'm putting the two together because the OEM suspension tuning is an excellent blend of compliance, composure, and sporty tossability resulting in an excellent ride/handling balance. Feels very light on its feet, so to speak. First car since my MK2 GTI that I don't feel a need to modify.
      GEARBOX: 9 Its a Tiptronic. Sport mode and manual shift option provide all the flexibility I need, and my wife can drive it, so no spousal conflicts.
      AUDIO: 9 6 disc CD, relatively simple controls and decent sound quality.
      TOYS: 8 Everything I want and need except for foglights-should be standard on all cars.
      VALUE: 9 Bought it used with a CPO warranty, couldn't afford it when new, but a good value for the price I paid.
      RELIABILITY: 6 Had to add this, as its the car's biggest shortcoming. Its an FSI oil-eater, and has been back for (mostly minor) repairs more in the year and a half I've had it than my B5.5 in the 6 years I had it. Its reassuring to read of so many owners whose B6s have been trouble-free, but thank God for that highly recommended CPO warranty.

      FINAL GRADE: 86/100 Generally satisfied, but I'd happily exchange it for a TSI Wagon.

    34. Member Armour's Avatar
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      2005 Acura RSX Type-S
      12-17-2012 10:17 PM #69

      2. Exterior- 7/10 The color is nice, but it has door dings galore. Overall a decent looking hatchback

      3. Interior 8/10 Decent stock seats, simple layout.

      4. Acceleration 7/10 ~13lb/hp, but you need to hit 5800RPM before it starts getting fun

      5. Braking 8/10 The car decelerates when I hit the middle pedal

      6. Ride 5/10 Harsh over bumps, plus there is currently a wheel out of balance that I just don't care to fix at the moment

      7 Handling 7/10 handles well, obvious understeer but stays composed

      8 Gearbox 6/10 Notchy and not very confidence inspiring, but the ratios are spaced well for highway cruising in 6th

      9. Toys- 7/10 Aftermarket in dash nav unit, heated mirrors, yada yada

      10. Audio 9/10 factory bose speakers with aftermarket sub, amp, cap, and navigation unit

      11. value- 9/10 Apart from the transmission I don't forsee any possible issues with this car. They hold their value and unless I do something stupid I really don't think the transmission will ever fail.

      12. 73/100 Decently decent

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      a Nissan
      12-17-2012 10:22 PM #70
      I was hoping to see 9000/100 ITR

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