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    Thread: FS: 78 Diesel Rabbit Seattle, need help on price

    1. 01-07-2013 01:25 PM #1
      with a diesel golf engine, 4 speed, sunroof. Odometer says 35K. LIkely 335 on body. I love this car but it needs some major body work-rusty spots, some dings, and needs a paint job, trim installed, new seals (have trim and 2 door seals) fussy doors. Underside is decent.

      The bad: Needs body work, new window scraper trim, seats recovered, interior dash lights and speedometer do not work. Very slow radiator leak and small oil drip. Window washer fluid does not work.

      The Good: intact headliner, carpets, mats, brand new fuse panel, fuses, heat works well. Always starts for me, some smoke when cold but just on start. Been running bio past 8 years, hoses swapped. Newer: rebuilt alt, battery, struts and shocks, tires, brakes, motor mounts, bearings, fuel pump in the last 2-4 years. Will need timing belt in next 15 K.

      Honestly do not know what to price the car at- open to suggestions. thanks! would like to see the car go to someone who will restore- Ive had the car 10 years.

    2. 01-07-2013 03:00 PM #2
      Without seeing it, just based on description a vague range would be from $1K to $2K...

    3. Member Maggiolone's Avatar
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      Aug 20th, 2007
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      01-08-2013 04:21 PM #4
      I'm inclined to believe it's a Champagne Edition. If it wasn't running Bio and was in nicer shape, it could fetch $2.5k.

    4. 01-08-2013 09:57 PM #5
      The dent doesn't help matters. I am actually looking for a Diesel Title 4 Door Rabbit... its decent but probably not gonna get much over $1,500 - - Interior is Strong... in black + Plus you have the Rounds

    5. Member MADSCIENTISTA's Avatar
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      Nov 15th, 2009
      82' Diesel Rabbit
      01-11-2013 02:25 PM #6
      Body is a a lot more rough than I'd personally like yet it is an earlier rabbit.

      Interior seems clean.. It's a diesel always a plus to me.

      Other flaw would be the four doors...none the less it's worth a restoration. I'd say 500-1500
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      01-11-2013 09:47 PM #7
      "I'm inclined to believe it's a Champagne Edition. If it wasn't running Bio and was in nicer shape, it could fetch $2.5k"

      -not champagne. Is a rabbit "C". Champagne were all rabbit L. Someone probably painted it. Would need to see the underbody to determine value, however the general roughness and unkept appearance would cause the value to drop. Would be worth more if it was cleaned up. Also the four door version is less popular than the two door.


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