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    Thread: Building the Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTI (vw mk1)?

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    1. 01-19-2013 02:57 AM #1
      [Editor's note: I realize that using the word 'ultimate' in this forum heading is over stating things. The only possible 'ultimate' 83 GTI would be to go into a time machine and go back to 1983 and buy a totally stock example and drive it around. But that isn't possible and you simply can't get NOS shocks and springs. That said, you could get damn close to the original stock feel with a great deal of care and attention to detail. And that would be the modern equivalent of the Ultimate GTI. In defense of my use of the word 'ultimate', I was an original GTI owner, and I was wrenching on it from the day I bought it, and racing it, like countless other GTI owners have done over the years. These cars were meant to be modded and raced and that is the position I have come from: to keep the spirit of the original car, in a modified, but totally streetable sense, without a huge turbo system or other 'over the top' change in behaviour ....]

      I want to let the readers of vwvortex.com know that I am deep into a new project of significant personal meaning to me as an original owner of a 1983 GTI that I spent countless hours building up over the period of 1983-87. I have acquired another US spec GTI of the same build date (Nov 82) and have engaged Techtonics Tuning and a host of other vendors in the task of building the ultimate streetable GTI while keeping true to the original car.

      You can follow this project at: http://derekspratt.com/HTML/Automoti...als_Specs.html

      You can also comment on this project either on this vwvortex thread or on the blog on my web site - I want your feedback and input as this project progresses.

      We are trying to build a car with excellent street driv-ability and manners, a car that looks stock inside and out, but takes on a new dimension when you look under the hood or under the car. Think normally aspirated mk3 ABA block with a 95.5mm ABF stroker crank, custom length rods, and 83.5mm 12:1cr pistons married to a 16V 9A head that has everything done to it (oversized valves with 5.5mm stems, 288 solid lifter race cams, lots of porting, etc) - but with a focus on balancing mid-range torque and peak hp. And an AT Power ITB DTH intake system - all adding up to a targeted 240hp at or slightly above 8000rpm, plus a custom radiator, a trick 020 AGB 2Y (mk2 16V) close ratio trans with a Quaife diff, and many many more goodies including a dry flow nitrous system, all controlled by a Holley HP EFI ECU. And the suspension system, brake system, and everything else is new, top drawer, and streetable as well.

      So tell me what you think. I am in the middle of cutting out the rust from the project car, and starting to weld in new sheet metal, while I carefully design a whole series of stiffening elements to make this car structurally tight and safe at speed. The engine is coming together quickly, the trans is finished, the suspension is 'in hand' and the braking system is not far behind. But there is a ton of chassis development, bodywork, paint, interior work and final assembly ahead of me.

      Here's to all of the vw mk1 fans out there that want to build cars that embrace some new technologies while keeping true to the original car in most ways ...


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