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    Thread: Cruise control for B4

    1. Junior Member
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      Jul 6th, 2011
      1996 Passat GLX VR6 2.8L
      01-27-2013 10:09 AM #1
      Like many other things do not work on 16 years old Passat the cruise control is broken from unknown times. I started by checking the voltage on the connector for the control modul (located below and behind the lighter). There is no power. First I see on the scheme a fuse #51, 5A, located above the block with relays and fuses under the steering wheel. I found a 15A but not 5A.
      Tracing the cables I found the 2 connectors and the odd is it looks like the cables are wrong mounted in one of them.

      black / blue goes not against black / blue and black do not goes against the red / yellow. Could the factory made it wrong and this cruise control never worked on this car? By looking at the scheme I should swap the locations of black / blue with black. What you think?

      Here is the wiring diagram http://106.imagebam.com/download/mij...20CruiseCM.jpg
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    2. Member izzo's Avatar
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      Mar 19th, 2004
      '96 Fiat Puntamera diesel
      01-27-2013 11:58 AM #2
      Quote Originally Posted by georgi6 View Post
      Could the factory made it wrong and this cruise control never worked on this car?
      HIGHLY unlikely IMHO. I know VW might've messed a thing or two, but c'mon!

    3. Member SilentDawn's Avatar
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      Dec 11th, 2005
      Elizabeth City, NC
      2010 GTI, 6sp, K04; 1996 Passat GLX - Turbo, 5sp; '81 Caddy
      01-27-2013 12:39 PM #3
      Supposedly only Automatics have that fuse 51 above the fuse box. I personally have never seen one. The main source of power is from fuse 14 in the fuse box and is a 10A fuse. This fuse feeds power to that 4 pin connector you have on the BLACK wire (pin 4)

      There is no specified color code for the switch side of the connector (the colors that don't match up) So manufacturers don't necessarily have to follow the same color schemes.

      That black wire feeds power into the switch and when the switch is "On" feeds the power to the module through the red/yellow wire from that connector and to pin 8 on the module.

      Your first step here is to look for power on that black wire (Right half of the connector in that pis you posted)
      ~~Silent Dawn~~ Chris O. | DarkWülf Performance Euro auto tuning and customizing East Coast, NC/VA
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    4. Junior Member
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      Jul 6th, 2011
      1996 Passat GLX VR6 2.8L
      01-29-2013 11:23 PM #4
      SilentDawn, thank you for the response. My passat is automatic and I guess it should have this mysterious fuse 51, 5A. I decided before I swapped the two mismatched wires to check for power supply. No power. Black / yellow wire goes into a black / green.

      I tracked black / green one. Goes like in the motor area through the firewall. Looking for the same colors and find one even with fuse 5A. But no connection with that cable.

      Then I found a scheme of this module - it is for the fans. The fuse is for the cooling auxiliary pump.In the first scheme that cable goes after the fuse in the transmission module.Checking the the scheme - German decided not to use it anymore. (pin 61 )

      The mystery remains - where is the fuse and the power source.

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