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    Thread: 1975 MK1 Scirocco - A unique situation/opportunity for somebody?

    1. 02-26-2013 05:47 PM #1
      1975 VW Scirocco. Located in Calabasas, California. (Los Angeles area)

      I have owned this car since 1979. (!) The body and paint is ALL FACTORY ORIGINAL. The paint is highly oxidized & useless, but the car has never been in an accident EVER. It has less than 80,000 miles on the chassis! It still has its original “blue” California license plates.

      During the early 80’s, I began converting it to be used as an SCCA GT-3 car. The conversion was never completed, and the car never saw a race track. (However, I did have a LOT of fun driving it on the streets when I was younger.)

      It has a very special & unique engine. I took a motor from a “Super Vee” (an open-wheel formula car from that era) which was subsequently torn down, slightly over-bored, a custom stroker crankshaft was fabricated, and custom-made pistons were installed to create a unique streetable race engine with LOTS of power & torque. It has dual Weber side-draft carbs, a 12:1 compression ratio, and a one-off custom cam grind that was developed to allow it to run on normal (91 octane) pump gas. I’ll try to dig up the dyno sheets, but no matter what, it’s a monster!

      It was converted to a close-ratio 5-speed transmission with a heavy-duty clutch. A full roll cage was fabricated & installed, along with reinforcing plates. It also has 14” GTI wheels, and a lowered, high performance suspension kit. I think it has urethane control arm bushings. (I can’t remember for sure – it’s been a LONG time!)

      The car has been sitting for 10+ years, and it is finally time for me to let it to go to someone that will bring it back to its former glory. This is a unique project car for a real Scirocco enthusiast. I would love to see it go to a good home – to someone that that can truly appreciate it.

      I am open to *reasonable* offers. Please don’t waste my time trying to steal it – I’m in no hurry to sell it, but I will give it to the *right* person for a very reasonable price. My primary concern is seeing my old baby go to a good home!

      (I'd like to post some pictures here, but I don't see any upload links. Could anyone please tell me how? - THANKS!)

    2. Member Vr6DubNY's Avatar
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      Jan 5th, 2001
      Syracuse, NY
      02-26-2013 11:23 PM #2
      What do you consider reasonable, you can email me at emon44@twcny.rr.com If you send pictures as well i will get them up on here for you. You need to host them on a site such as photobucket or picasa and then use the little icon that looks like a square box with a tree in it to put the link for the picture in.

    3. 02-27-2013 07:16 AM #3
      yes.pics would be good.
      You may send them to us at vwfreeski@yahoo.com
      would like to see what you have.
      Randy Nickel,

    4. Member
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      Sep 12th, 2012
      Beaverton OR.
      02-27-2013 11:56 AM #4

    5. 02-27-2013 04:28 PM #5
      Yes, I posted it on CraigsList yesterday, and I was going to post a link here, but Guano beat me to it! (Thank you for doing that!)

      Those photos are all I have for now. I didn't open up the doors to take any interior shots, but the interior is bare-bones anyways. The roll cage is a 6-point design, all custom fabricated. The dashboard is hacked up in an ugly way to clear the cage. The seats are in lousy condition. This is definitely a *project* car. After sitting for so long, its not something that you're simply going to drive away. It will need all the fluids & belts changed, and I would definitely change the fuel lines after all these years, unless you want to have a Scirocco Flambe'.

      I know that I have some spare parts laying around at different locations. I have a set of vintage louvers for the rear hatch window, some later year door panels, and who knows what else. I'll have to do some digging and get back to you guys.

      Last edited by Ignorant1; 02-27-2013 at 04:32 PM.

    6. 02-27-2013 04:54 PM #6
      I've gotten a few Private Messages, so I'd like to post some additional information:

      This is most definitely “period correct” – everything was put together a LONG time ago!

      I am an old timer - I was heavily involved in race car engineering & development in the early 80's. My emphasis was on Super Vee's, Formula Atlantic, and small-bore SCCA Production Cars.

      The engine is a unique mix of a race engine with “streetable” attributes. I took one of our Super Vee engines and created Dr. Frankenstein’s dream engine. It was the best thing that could possibly be done in that era - - - unless someone wanted to spend majorly huge amounts of $$$ for an Oettinger 16v conversion.

      A traditional Super Vee engine is extremely “peaky”, with a narrow high-RPM power band and relatively low torque. This would not be suitable for a street car whatsoever. I wanted to create the opposite. I wanted ***TORQUE*** and a wide, useable power band.

      This is a bit of obscure information: VW supplied Chrysler/Dodge with 1.7 liter engines for their early Dodge Omni cars. This was back when VW only had 1.6’s in their cars – the difference being the crank throw was longer on the 1.7’s supplied to Dodge.

      I started by modifying an (already longer) crank from an Omni to create the longest throw that could possibly fit inside the block & still clear the (ground-down for clearance) intermediate shaft. I can’t remember the exact throw, but I do recall it is longer than a Big Block Chevy. (A bizarre comparison, I know. But that’s what I remember.)

      The (slightly oversized) pistons were customized for the increased stroke, and the (CC’d) cylinder head combustion chambers were opened up to a.) help get the compression ratio down to a reasonable level, and b.) open up the chamber for a better flame front & burn pattern.

      The increased displacement keeps the intake port velocity higher than in a 1.6, so the hogged-out ports don’t have an issue with fuel deposition on the port walls. I then designed a cam grind that has a fairly large overlap. What this does is allow some of the cylinder charge to exit back through the intake valves at low RPM’s, thus cutting the effective cylinder filling – it acts like it has a lower compression ratio at low RPM’s, which avoids pinging. But then when RPM’s increase the inertia of the airflow column overcomes the backflow. This allows for complete cylinder filling at intermediate & higher RPM’s, where susceptibility to pinging is reduced.

      The results are that it idles smoothly & runs well on (premium) pump gas, even with the high compression ratio. The long throw crank gives plenty of torque at lower RPM’s, making the engine very drivable on the street. You don’t have to drive it like a screamer - with the power & torque coming in earlier in the RPM band there is no need to rev it to 7,800 RPM like a Super Vee. The high CR and big valves allows it to make some great power at mid & higher RPM’s. It’s a strong engine at *all* RPM levels, making it very fun to drive. I’m talking myself out of selling it as I write this!

      Some more esoteric info: The early 1975 Sciroccos had some extra half-round shaped steel panels along the outer portion of the front inner fender wells. These reinforcements made the front end substructure stronger than later Sciroccos. I’m not sure exactly when they phased those panels out though.

      Enough typing for today…

    7. Member
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      Apr 24th, 2004
      Crockett, California
      '83 Caddy 16V, '87 Cabby 2L, '09 Jetta 2.0T, '66 Suburban 4WD, '57 Austin Healey V8, '04 Dodge Ram
      02-27-2013 05:34 PM #7
      I would be interested in your car just because it's a '75 and smog check exempt. The thing that concerns me and you may well not have looked is the condition of the under side. Your Craig's ad shows it looking like it sunk into the ground. I don't think that is actually the case since what looks like dirt is probably vegtable matter. Problem is that suff collects and retains moisture even if you live where it never rains. Many pepole have been unpleasantly surprised at the condition of the under side of a car parked in weeds for a while. You should pull it out and look.
      Classified forum rules require that you post a price. If you don't know what to ask, they suggest that you search past FS threads.

      So, when your item sells, please don't edit out your price and description when you mark it "SOLD". Rather, edit to show selling price.

    8. Member DjBij099's Avatar
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      1987 VW Golf
      02-27-2013 07:02 PM #8
      I can't believe it. An absolute dream car of mine with parts that have kept it well within the cars era and time period. I wish you best of luck in selling it. I wish I had the money right now because I most definitely would have brought the car back to it's glory.

    9. 02-27-2013 09:41 PM #9

      Yep, smog exempt. Wow, I *REALLY* wish that I had the time and inclination to get her running again. I can't tell you how difficult it is to part with this baby. But the reality is that I'm not likely ever going to do it, so its time for her to go to a good home.

      Someone asked if I ever had it running, and if the engine lived up to the design standards that I wanted. The answer is a resolute YES. I used to drive it for weekend fun, and I drove it up to Mammoth and a few other road trips way back in the day. I'm sure I don't even have 10,000 miles on the drivetrain, but I can't even begin to tell you how much fun those miles were. I love driving what appears to be an old P.O.S., and then *decimate* the fancy & expensive cars running around in this area. So much fun to play with the ego of the poseurs. (That's why I have a couple of 500e's right now. I guess I love sleepers.)

      I don't live where the car is located, and I honestly haven't really taken a good look at her for years - until I snapped those photos a few days ago. I was in a hurry, and I didn't really do anything other than open the hood and take some exterior shots.

      It hasn't really sunk into the ground, but it is under a pine tree and all that debris has collected around & under the car. Your concerns are valid, but I quite honestly don't know the answer. I'll try to take a better look ASAP.

      By the way, if anyone buys it, the rat turds on the valve cover come with the car - no additional cost!

    10. Member
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      Feb 13th, 2011
      Ft. Collins, CO
      '92 Passat G60 Syncro, '81 Scirocco, MkIV Jetta TDI
      02-28-2013 12:12 AM #10
      That car is an awesome start! GLWS, wish it could be mine...

    11. Member hasnfefr's Avatar
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      Sep 25th, 2002
      Elyria, OH
      62'ghia,75'rocco,80'caddy,81'rocco,84'rabbit gti w/callaway stg2,87' 8v rocco,87' 16v rocco,03' gti
      02-28-2013 11:36 AM #11
      I would love to see the underside as well. Also, a shot or two of the inside.

    12. 03-01-2013 10:52 PM #12
      I'm going to try to get over to the car in the next few days. I'll take some shots of the interior, and I'll look at the floorboards too. Hopefully everything will still be in good condition.

      Unfortunately, I won't be able to move the car because the tires are flat. I'm also not sure if I will be able to dig my way through the pine needles because I'm currently recovering from shoulder surgery - - - so I only have one functional arm right now. Sounds like a bad excuse, I know...

    13. Member mkymk2's Avatar
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      Nov 13th, 2004
      slc, ut
      03-01-2013 11:07 PM #13
      Hey I am seriously intersted regardless of the floorboards. I have sent you a pm and an email. Maybe a little obsessive at this point.. But, in all seriousness call me. I left my number in both messages.

    14. 03-04-2013 09:22 PM #14
      $2800 for a 1975 with all that goodies! What are people waiting to snap it up? Or this is a case of people thinking too good to be true?

    15. 03-05-2013 06:02 PM #15
      Well, nobody has really even had the chance to "snap it up" - I simply have not had ANY time whatsoever to show it to anyone yet. (It’s not stored where I am currently living, and life is pretty hectic for me right now.)

      I sort of pulled that number ($2,800) out of my ear… and one out of state buyer has already offered a bit more if I would hold it for him with a deposit. I do want to see her go to a good home, and I’m not trying to prompt a bidding war – but realistically the first person to show up with $$$ is going to take her home. Dreams are nice, but cash is king.

      BUT… I also want there to be absolutely no surprises for any prospective buyers, especially if someone is travelling a long distance to see it. So in light of that, I was finally able to get back over to the car today and take more pictures . I’ll post an update & pics when I have time – hopefully later tonight.

    16. 03-06-2013 01:20 AM #16
      So here’s the deal:

      I pulled the pine needles away from the left side. I can’t get my head down there to look, but I tried to squeeze the camera underneath to take a few shots. (I’m recovering from shoulder surgery, so I only have one good arm – and I can’t lean on one arm while taking shots with the other.)

      The car is extremely dirty, so I hosed it off as best as I could with one arm. Please note: What may appear in the photos as rust on the drip rails along the A-pillar is NOT rust – it is just dirt.

      So the good news is that there is ZERO rust around the windows / gaskets, or any other typically vulnerable areas. There is one small area in the middle of the left door panel that’s bubbling a little (see pictures) and another spot of superficial surface rust on the upper edge of the same door.

      There is black “spray can” undercoating that I applied back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and it's flaking off – which is good news because it will be easy to remove for restoration purposes. (You can easily see it in the engine compartment.) Remember, this is an original California car (complete with “Blue” plates!) so the undercoating wasn’t applied to hide anything ominous.

      The other good news is there doesn’t appear to be any structural rust underneath. There is one area (see pictures) that has some minor rusting, but otherwise it looks good.

      The roll cage was never painted, so it has surface rust – it’s just from exposure to years of atmospheric moisture.

      I can’t get to the right side of the car because it’s up against a fence & buried in pine needles, so that’s going to be a crapshoot.

      The interior shots speak for themselves. It ain’t pretty, but I tried to show the roll cage structure & attachment points.

      Here’s a link to a photo sharing website – you can see the pictures in the album labeled “Scirocco”: http://ignorant1.imgur.com

    17. 03-06-2013 01:26 AM #17
      Oh, and by the way... I'm pretty sure that she's SOLD at this point - and it sounds like she's going to go to a VERY good home where she'll be fully restored & appreciated!

    18. Member mkymk2's Avatar
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      Nov 13th, 2004
      slc, ut
      03-06-2013 03:04 PM #18
      So excited to be given this incredible opportunity. thank you thank you thank you!

    19. 03-06-2013 09:13 PM #19
      Early 1975 flat signal: Check
      Nepal Orange: Check
      Lot of early performance mods: Check
      Almost no missing part: Check
      Great body condition: Check
      Low asking price: Check
      If I didn't already have a 76 and a 80S I would had bought it without blinking

    20. 03-07-2013 12:18 AM #20
      Quote Originally Posted by mkymk2 View Post
      So excited to be given this incredible opportunity. thank you thank you thank you!
      Congrats! Good luck with it!

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