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    Thread: Consequences of a whining power steering pump?

    1. 04-09-2013 02:26 PM #1
      I can hear my power steering pump whine. Fairly noticeable sound with the windows down, driving along slowly with the steering wheel pointing anywhere off centre. (I'm guessing it's had it's time now it's done 106,000miles, and I used to do the occasional snow packed carpark drift which is never good for the p/steering pump)

      I've not noticed any pools of oil, but I haven't yet checked the level either yet

      What's the worse that could happen?
      I'm guessing it'll gradually get noisier and noiser over time. Will any catasthrophic happen one day?
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    2. Member SGelshawno's Avatar
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      04-09-2013 02:42 PM #2
      it could seize and cause your accessory belt to snap or melt in the process damaging your tensioner and stopping your waterpump from functioning

    3. 04-09-2013 02:47 PM #3
      That's what I was worried about.

      Would it be worth changing the power steering fluid? Or is that just a waste of time?

      what's the correct process in changing the fluid?

      I'm guessing there must be some sort of drain plug somewhere, is that accessible from the engine bay, or is it a case of taking the undertray off etc?

    4. Member waabaah's Avatar
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      04-09-2013 03:02 PM #4
      Could be a couple of issues as to why it is moaning.

      First check fluid level. Low fluid can cause your pump to starve creating increased friction and wear and tear.

      If fluid is at correct level, flush it out. Who knows if correct fluid is even in there which can caise problems. Correct fluid is pennstone? Or pennsteon 11s which is synthtic mineral base and NOT regular power steering fluid. Vw racks operate at a higher pressure level then standard manufacturer racks. Correct fluid can be bought at napa for 15 bucks. Green tin can with whote lettering for aidi/vw/pprsche ps fluid. Follow lowest hose and remove clamp and drain.

      Next part gets tricky. Yes the pump is making noise but is it the pump making noise or the rack internally leaking creating air pockets and starving the pump?? They both make the pump noisy and moan.

      One sign of a bad rack Is to check the bellow boots to see if fluid is present. It shouldn't be. But your rack can still have an internal leak.

      Hit or miss really if the pump still moans. Cheaper part is pump so replace that if it still moans. Fill with correct fluid.

      If it still moans then replace rack and get an alignment.

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      04-09-2013 04:01 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by SGelshawno View Post
      it could seize and cause your accessory belt to snap or melt in the process damaging your tensioner and stopping your waterpump from functioning

      One of my lines somehow was dragging on the ground and wore a hole in the line. I noticed a whining sound when I parked the car and popped the hood to investigate. As I was looking at the acc belt the pump seized up and luckily stopped the motor. That's when I noticed the trail of fluid going down my driveway and up the street.

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