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    Thread: 16v FAQ: if you are new to the 16v forum, this is the thread for you

    1. 04-29-2003 10:30 AM #51
      spring cleaning, continue on

    2. 04-29-2003 11:36 AM #52
      rebuilding a 2L 9A block?
      Here is the list of parts you'll need for a full rebuild. a lot of these are reusable, but here is the list:
      magnafluxed (checked)
      hot tanked (cleaned)
      honed (92.8mm)
      Rod bolts (ARP recommended) - OEM are one-time use stretch bolts
      crank rod journals being machined (if new rod bolts used)
      crank main journals being machined (if new rod bolts used)
      rods machined and balanced
      pistons glass beaded
      new rings
      new frost plugs (4)
      new aux shaft bushings (metal ones that have to be pressed in)
      new front/rear seals
      new front rear gaskets
      new rod bearings (one over)
      new crank main journal bearings
      assembled short block
      polished oil pump shaft gear cap
      painted gloss fire red.
      new oil pan gasket
      2L oil squirters
      2L 9A 144mm balanced 16v rifle drilled rods
      oil pan cleaned and painted gloss black.
      new dipstick tube seal
      new oil filter to block gasket
      new ring set (2L)
      new low-temp thermostat (170°C)
      new alternator belt (custom size)
      new power steering belt (custom size)
      new coolant hose (small one)
      new oil filter (bosch)
      new oil (10w30)
      new coolant
      new VW OEM themostat o-ring
      new VW OEM timing belt
      new VW OEM timing belt tensioner
      new VW OEM intermediate shaft o-ring (green)
      new VW OEM coolant level sensor
      new VW OEM coolant expantion tank
      new VW OEM coolant hose (big one)

    3. 04-29-2003 11:40 AM #53
      rebuilding a 1.8L PL head?
      Here is the list of parts you'll need for a full rebuild. a lot of these are reusable, but here is the list:
      ported and polished (intake aggressive, exhaust mild) (optional)
      shaved 0.015" to bump compression to 11.0:1 (optional)
      stage II intake cam 276° (optional)
      stage III exhaust cam 280° (optional)
      new valve seals (16)
      new exaust valve guides (8)
      3-way valve grind
      assembled by machine shop (valves)
      new valve stem seals (16)
      new throttle body gasket (both)
      new intake gaskets (upper and lower)
      new valve cover gasket
      new inner spark plug gasket
      new cam seals (left and right)
      new cam chain
      44mm intake manifold (part #027 133 223 AF)
      port matched intake/to gasket and head to intake (recommended)
      new VW OEM distributor
      new VW OEM Hall sender
      new VW OEM bosch cap
      new VW OEM bosch rotor
      new VW OEM head gasket (2L)
      new VW OEM temperature sensor (2)
      new VW OEM stretch head bolts (16)
      new VW OEM water temp sending unit
      new VW OEM bosch 4 tri electrode plugs
      new VW OEM oil pressure switch (0.15 bar)
      new VW OEM oil pressure switch (1.8 bar)
      new VW OEM allen bolts
      new VW OEM oil breather gasket
      new VW OEM fuel injector seals (8 -4 thin & 4 thick) - 1 of each on each injector

    4. 04-29-2003 11:44 AM #54

    5. 05-04-2003 07:03 PM #55
      The fuel pump for 1987 - 1989 16v differs from that in a 1990-92. The Jetta's 16v fuel pump is different from the 8valve and the 16v pump from a scirocco. The prepump on 16v's (intank fuel pump) are accessible without dropping the fuel tank. But no matter what you do... you will smell like gas for a week or two.

    6. 05-07-2003 10:52 PM #56
      Quote, originally posted by Jett'in »
      A G60 downpipe will fit a 16v.
      I bought one and it bolts up just the same.
      I am adding this b/c if you have a cracked and/or leaking downpipe, the G60 ones you will find for sale have lower mileage on them and are usually in much better condition than the used 16v ones.
      Good luck!
      Interesting. Does the G60 dp offer better flow too? Or the same? Would this be a cheap mod for power gains?

    7. 05-15-2003 01:03 AM #57
      It is just a direct replacememnt for the 16v.
      As far as I know it is the same size and should flow the same
      2001 A6 4.2 - NEMO Blue
      1987 944 Turbo

      1988 GLI 16v SOLD

    8. 06-06-2003 11:51 AM #58
      How to remove AC.
      Golf/Jetta II FAQ page 4 towards the bottom.

    9. Member Space9888's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 18th, 2002
      81 Rabbit Convertible 1.8t project
      06-23-2003 04:57 AM #59
      Just to Make things a little clearer for anyone who is building a 16v or those of you who forgot to mark the pullies before pulling the timming belt off.
      the "dot" on the flywheel shown above is the reference for timming the crank to the cams (as stated zero degrees TDC)
      the "hash" mark on the flywheel is a reference for ignition timming (6 degrees BTDC).
      Be sure to use the "dot" on the flywheel to time the engine (crank to cams) not the hash mark as this will make a mess of your valve train.

    10. 07-16-2003 03:06 PM #60
      If I got a new 1.8 16v intake mani and tb 42mm
      What would I have to do to fit it to a 2.0 16v???
      New to 16v engine and forum soo help me out

    11. 08-13-2003 02:08 AM #61
      this is my first project car and i am new at this. i've tried posting other places and haven't gotten much help. i have a few questions.
      1) how can i find out the year of my engine for parts?
      2) oil dripping onto the exhaust manifold and burning off in a cloud of smoke, but only if i use the clutch or use reverse alot when i drive it. How can i fix this?
      3) alternater drivebelt and/or bearings screach when in a low gear, stops when the engine goes above 3000 RPMs. What is it, how can i fix it?
      I would appreciate the help, i have only dabbled in the home mechanic thing for a short time know.

    12. 09-03-2003 02:28 AM #62
      Fuel Enrichment Module
      Here is how to make a Fuel Enrichment module for those with CisE
      Quite detailed with pics: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...age=1
      MKIII Alternator/Serpentine Swap
      Here is how to retrofit a MKIII alternator and serpentine design
      Very explicit with detailed list of parts needed: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zer...20530

      Modified by BubbleBLOCK at 7:32 AM 9-3-2003

    13. 11-26-2003 07:35 PM #63

      Option 1) TT repair kit ($100usd):

      Option 2) TT race downpipe (loud)($250usd)::

      Option 3) TT Downpipe to weld on OEM cat ($125usd):

      Option 4) cheapo replacement part ($136 usd for dp and cat)

      Modified by rockin16v at 9:58 AM 6-18-2004

    14. 12-02-2003 11:53 AM #64
      OEM stretch head bolt torque specs
      front of engine
      and the torquing is : 30 ftlbs, 43 ftlbs, then 1/2 turn or 2 1/4 turns. Torque everytime following the bolt pattern above.

    15. 12-02-2003 03:49 PM #65
      Finding your ECU number (needed for ordering a performance chip) 1990-92 2.0L 16V Ke-Motronic

      -Remove Plastic Tray located between engine and windshield (driver side)
      -Slide the two wire harness's off of the ECU mounting bracket
      -Using a 10mm Socket (with medium extension) remove the nut securing the ECU to the car (dig through the leaves!)
      -Slightly Lift and slide the ECU foward; out of its two white mounting clips
      -Turn it over
      -There is a Bosch Part number and an ECU number (should start with an 8)
      -Write the ECU Number down and Go order your freakin CHIP!

    16. 02-18-2004 04:51 PM #66
      Here's a link with plenty of Dyno tests by the UK lads. It's a great way of comparing what mod does what, with a lot of focus on camshafts and 2.0 bottom end swaps:
      1976 Project Carbon Mk1 - Sold! | 2006 Lotus Exige S | 2012 Scirocco R

    17. 02-19-2004 12:29 AM #67
      OK Guys new to this VW stuff heres what i got and what I know abou it.
      1987 Scirocco 16V: Things i know it has.
      1. Eurosport header with 2 1/4" exhaust with 2 chamber flowmaster
      2. K&N airfilter
      3. it has a tag on the pan in front of the radiator that has neuspeed cams installed on it and has 2 #'s and says to tune to factory specs.
      has what looks like braided steel fuel lines??? is this stock?
      4. short throw shifter
      5. tokico adjustable shocks and h&r springs
      6. Neuspeed strutt tower brace (front and rear)
      7. aftermarket sway bars underneath
      Things i would like to find out.(I know almost imposssible without tearing apart or asking previous owner)
      if it has upgraded fuel system(is there a way to measure a fuel rail or anything)
      what size throttle body( is there a way to tell what size by a part number?)
      how much wheel horsepower? does anyone know where a dyno is around charlotte area
      I know this car is super fast and handle like it's on a rail.
      Thanks for any help. Brian

    18. 03-11-2004 04:03 PM #68
      im new to the vw's. when i replace the timing belt what do i do with the alignment of the intermediate gear or does it even need alignment?

    19. Geriatric Member VDub2625's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 3rd, 2003
      Fall River, MA
      12 Golf 2.5, 90 Jetta GLI 16v, 99.5 Cabrio Highline, 92 Golf GL
      03-23-2004 10:18 PM #69
      Quote, originally posted by Bentley, 3-14 »
      It is not necessary to time the intermediate shaft on 16-valve engines.

    20. Moderator rs4-380's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 12th, 2000
      VWs & Audis
      04-26-2004 12:03 AM #70
      Pin numbering for Harness testing.
      With the row of 18 pins on top (or the cable coming out of the left side of the connector)
      top row 1-18 left to right
      bottom row 19-35 left to right

    21. Member MBRACKLIFFE's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 17th, 2003
      Southern NH
      04' R32 $ 77' Campmobile
      05-10-2004 03:28 PM #71
      Here is a pic of the 16v sensor's.

    22. 05-29-2004 09:52 AM #72
      Just curious...the oil pressure sensors in the pic above #1 and #2 are reversed im my car. The white one is over the oil filter and the black one is behind it. Which way is correct? My oil light and buzzer trun on at 2500 rpms. I'm hoping this is by problem.
      Another question, there is something that looks like a coolant temp sensor like #5 on both sides of the water outlet. There is no wire going to the front one on mine but a sensor is there. Any ideas? My car is an 88 GLI.

    23. 05-29-2004 01:53 PM #73
      My 88 GTI had the sensor in front of the water outlet with no wire attached to it also. I never did determine what is was for.

    24. Member zero666cool's Avatar
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      Apr 17th, 2004
      56 Merc 190SL, 66 Jag 3.8S, 13 Volvo S60R, 10 S40, 09 GTI, 12 Golf, 92 SLC, 89 GTI VR6
      06-01-2004 10:59 AM #74
      Good stuff bumppp [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    25. 06-01-2004 09:20 PM #75
      Great info so far!! I especially liked the sensor posts and many of the links on page 1. Learning....
      I need help with origins of this 2.0 16v engine block.
      I'm not a seasoned 2.0 16v engine veteran, I'm researching the web, used search, tried everything but calling the dealer. I want to ask in this thread next. I'd like to know for for parts procurement purposes, if need be .

      Any information regarding year, and parts compatibility with other
      engines will be greatly appreciated.
      A friend has an engine with the identical 7 digit number with a 9A
      above the distributor, my block reads 27J. the block serial (?) number
      is 053 103 021B
      Any links including this engine or any others would be appreciated, I've seen a few but this engine does not appear.
      It constantly occurs to me that I'm doing something wrong.

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