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    Thread: Stock Tire Size for 96 Jetta GL

    1. 12-12-2002 03:49 PM #1
      What is the stock tire size for a 96 Jetta GL????
      Will a set of 185 65 x 14" work?
      They are for my Girlfriends car. I can get a real good price on these and she needs tires ASAP.

    2. 12-12-2002 03:54 PM #2

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    3. 12-12-2002 03:54 PM #3
      Stock size is 195/65/14

      edit: IIRC

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    4. 12-12-2002 03:57 PM #4
      That's the exact size I use for snows on my 97 Jetta TDI. Suspension is stock. I've never had any interference driving aggressively but I wouldn't wanna autocross with 'em.
      My doorjam sez stock is 185-60 and/or 195-60's. My summers are 195's.

    5. 12-12-2002 05:01 PM #5
      The stock size for a Jetta GL with manual transmission was 185/60 -14. A TDI or GL automatic used 195/60-14.
      Best thing is to check the owners manual or the door jamb sticker.
      VW has a habit of changing specs just for the hell of it.
      185/65 should be ok, speedo might be a bit off though.
      195/65 is too big.

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