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    Thread: This is why you don't install a remote starter on a manual car...

    1. Member
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      Mar 25th, 2002
      Pasadena, CA
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      12-26-2002 12:39 PM #1

      [IMG]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwDvAkkUcbrhLGiCuEF6vlHiVQ7YOHQw06qVaHBeYdPHsv!TN ybkYkdPR6ROs9MuWY4Al43ypXTX*nnrinOGR8Fr6Lzx4BLKObi VkOXLfj0/DSC00332.JPG?dc=4675402771565564164[/IMG]

      [IMG]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwDvAksU7brhLGiCuEF6vlLiYbrI3UPqWS9dAVTRLe5ozDfWE 7fN*eNCEhvXeYpwRGJu65PYJVovOJLgK7A0ZU!DLVYWetAjGwf 6*f7fzr4/DSC00334.JPG?dc=4675402771567997979[/IMG]
      [IMG]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwDeAkwUK7vhLGiCuEF6vg5poEfTwVnn0XP1zUhZXzMyQKDOc nGSJOseibAr3Z4d3PmYI0x7rZV73Upv*aMLx1bEZ6MehUD9!nA sasBtZWI/DSC00335.JPG?dc=4675402771569170346[/IMG]
      [IMG]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwCvBE0UabvhLGiCuEF6vqTbNQhb9JVT!YQNHKennZq85hddb Ck2nqtZ3q6SJN7AyLJNIBbrU6*QP1rK66nZYJWdSdKNCYa4kQ2 I7PXs*A4/DSC00336.JPG?dc=4675402771570113648[/IMG]

      Sucks don't it?
      For some reason, I left my car in gear. I never do that. So I'm walking to the back of my house and hit the button as always and the car starts up and takes off! It went through the chain link fence and ran into the neighboring apartment building, it hit a steel post that supports the second floor. On the way over to the neighbors property, the metal bar that goes across the top of the chain link fence politely dragged itself over the roof of my car, ripping the fuba completely off. The damage is a bumper, a spoiler, a rallye housing, a hood and a fuba. This time I quit. Thats enough. Everything is for sale. Complete as is or parted out.
      Thanks for your time. Aiight then...

    2. Member tektoo2's Avatar
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      Oct 18th, 2001
      '88 Jetta GTX 12v S/C, '90 Cabby 2.0, '63 Slidin' Rag, ''14 Beetle 2.5
      12-26-2002 12:44 PM #2
      Damn man... sorry to see that..... you sure you want to sell out such a hot car..... i'm sure there are some 'texers that can help you to get the rare parts... and just come back stronger....? damn....
      edit: spelling

      [Modified by tektoo2, 12:44 PM 12-26-2002]
      '88 GTX 12vS/C
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    3. 12-26-2002 12:49 PM #3
      tell me that wasn't the golf that was for sale.
      Sorry to hear bout the car.

      [Modified by OZ jetta, 12:50 PM 12-26-2002]

    4. 12-26-2002 12:57 PM #4
      That is a bummer man.
      I can't believe it.
      don't get rid of it.
      there is no reason to give up.
      Mabey start with a fresh shell?

      but if you do.
      how much for the wheels.

    5. 12-26-2002 12:58 PM #5
      the car wash kid at my bodyshop went and parked a honda that had they had just gotten don putting a kit on.....he went to arm it...and it also had a remote start..whamm..right into the side of a dumpster.
      but at least in your cae, insurance should cover you.

      [Modified by JoshmkII, 1:00 PM 12-26-2002]

    6. Member illi's Avatar
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      Mar 25th, 2001
      92 GTI, 10 GTI, 04 X5, 01 Yukon XL
      12-26-2002 01:02 PM #6
      i'm really sorry to see this man... i have been contemplating getting one myself... definitely thinking twice about it ...
      i cant imagine how frustrating this must be for you... and IM SURE that if i was in your shoes id be thinking get rid of this car too....
      dont do it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      look at the bright side at least that driver's side fender still looks mint!
      how far did it roll? did it stabilize the idle and keep going or was the stuff it hit really close and just the jolt of it starting in gear cause that much damage?
      i am probably moving to the west coast this fall.. ive had enough of the northeast... and this is one of the cars i hope to see out there... if you have aol instant messenger hit me up sometime.... Ju5tinR.... [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    7. 12-26-2002 01:06 PM #7
      Oh jesus... dude, I'm feeling a sharp pain in my side right now for your car

    8. Banned
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      Aug 9th, 2001
      12-26-2002 01:07 PM #8
      At least it didnt stall and try to resart itself repeatedly.
      If it any consolation, that happened to my friend when he lent his Helios GLI to someone, they hit the remote start in gear, the car took off across the street into a F-150 that was parked adjacent. Didnt look too nice afterwards.
      I feel on what its like to go thru a ton of sh1t with a car and then have something like this happen. Just fix it you know you cant let it go like this.......

    9. Member VWzealot's Avatar
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      Apr 18th, 2000
      Silver Spring, MD
      12-26-2002 01:12 PM #9

    10. Banned vuu16v's Avatar
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      Jul 18th, 2001
      12-26-2002 01:13 PM #10
      but at least in your cae, insurance should cover you.
      Not if they know the remote starter wasn't hooked up properly (ie; so it WON'T work if it's in gear).
      Sucks to hear, but man you have some seriously piss-poor luck.

    11. 12-26-2002 01:23 PM #11

      what he said...
      Nothing but poop luck for you it seems. Keep on trying though, I love your work. What're you going to do instead if you sell?

    12. Global Moderator 16v's Avatar
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      Aug 4th, 1999
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      '14 Cdale Carbon Synapse, '13 allroad, '12 Cdale Bad Boy, '06 3.2 Avant
      12-26-2002 01:23 PM #12
      oh no!!!!!!!!!! WTF man????
      nunc est Bibendum
      10 cylinders, 10 doors, 8 rings
      "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person" - Andy Rooney

    13. Senior Member
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      Nov 7th, 2001
      The Village
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      12-26-2002 01:26 PM #13
      Wow, Homewood. That is just [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG]. So sorry, man.
      Don't do it, man. She just needs a light, a bumper, and a little spray action.
      Done in a day.

    14. 12-26-2002 01:26 PM #14
      damit man.

    15. Member vwtoys's Avatar
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      Mar 31st, 1999
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      12-26-2002 01:27 PM #15

    16. Member GLIguy's Avatar
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      12-26-2002 01:29 PM #16

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    17. 12-26-2002 01:30 PM #17
      Damn why do these things have to happen to such amazing vehicles.

    18. 12-26-2002 01:36 PM #18
      sorry to hear man.
      take some time before making any decisions.

    19. Member 2035cc16v's Avatar
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      May 18th, 2000
      New England
      2012 GLK350 1999 A4 Avant
      12-26-2002 01:37 PM #19
      sorry to see that O

    20. Member vdubturbo's Avatar
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      Aug 31st, 2001
      Atlanta, GA
      997.1 C2S Aero, MKII GTI 16vT, '13 F-150 FX4, '08 VRSCDX, E36 M3 Track Car
      12-26-2002 01:37 PM #20
      997.1 C2S Aero <> F-150 FX4 <> MKII GTI 16vT <> '08 HD Night Rod Special (For Sale) <> E36 M3 Track Car

    21. 12-26-2002 01:48 PM #21
      damn thats why none of the local guys install them on 5 speeds, even though many cars have switches near the clutch pedal for cruise control disable. Too much liability on the installers...
      Thankfully it was the car that only got hurt. sucks thats one of the nicest mk2's i've seen..
      maybe you should sleep on it a little bit and have 6 or 12 beers and see if you can fix her back up again.

    22. Member VAGaddict's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 2002
      Ft. Worth Texas
      04 R32
      12-26-2002 01:52 PM #22
      No way man dont't give up. Your car is so clean and probably an ispiration to those of us who are dreaming of cool Dubs. I made the mistake of just quitting once and now I am back at square A. Thats Nimbus Gray right? Your BBS are sweet ..... But don't give up. And I won't ever install an auto start on my car. You can take that to the bank.
      i might be interested in your MKIV .:R32 parts. 817-879-0810.

    23. Member Kierowca's Avatar
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      Dec 27th, 1999
      Rhode Island
      85 Scirocco, 2013 GTI
      12-26-2002 01:52 PM #23
      Damn O. Thats rough. Sorry to see that.

    24. 12-26-2002 01:59 PM #24
      It could have been worse..I know that it stinks..but dont get rid of it right away, give it some time..maybe you will get lucky and some Vortexers can help out.
      I think as VW drivers ..when we get into an accident we really feel like we did the car an injustice,,they are very special cars..it's like doing a family member wrong..it hurts your feelings, but don't get rid of it because you hurt it, let some time pass then make it up to it. Unless when you do the math and you find out that it just doesn't pay to have it fixed..then it really sucks,,cause you know their is nothing you can do..and you can't argue with figures. In my case I could'nt see fixing my 8v, so I bought a 16v. It worked out o.k..but I still felt sad for my 8v.
      Hey I know it sounds crazy, but when I got into an accident w/ my 85 Scirocco, it broke my heart, really made me sick. So I know how ya feel.
      best of luck,

    25. Member
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      Mar 25th, 2002
      Pasadena, CA
      TDI, Notch, Z71, R
      12-26-2002 02:00 PM #25

      Isn't today your birthday too
      Yup. You too!

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