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    Thread: What is the Digifant Control Relay?

    1. 01-04-2003 02:27 PM #1
      First off, big thanks to mkrad and nigel for the wiring pictures, diagrams, and such! You guys helped me out a lot.
      However, my '90 Corrado harness has a black/white wire on pin 23 of the ECU harness. Nigel's pic doesn't show it, and mkrad's pin-out sheet says it is "Not Used", and it isn't on the accompanying ECU diagram. The Bentley says it goes to something called a Digifant Control Relay. What does this do? Do I need it?
      Oh, and mkrad, a couple other data points for your pin-out sheet. First, my harness also has a green wire coming from pin 16, which you also say isn't used on your sheet. A little digging in the bentley says it's the AC wire, and I noticed it is mentioned on the wiring diagram you have on that page. Second, my fuel pump relay wire (pin #3) is red/yellow. Your pin-out sheet says it should be red/green or yellow/blue, but the diagram shows it as yellow/blue or red/yellow. Maybe a typo, or perhaps three different possibilities?

    2. 01-05-2003 12:00 AM #2
      Anybody? Bueler?

    3. 01-05-2003 12:45 AM #3
      You're diggin' a little deep for wiring info here .
      how long for the rocco to be rippin' up the auto X scene in Tampa?

    4. 01-05-2003 10:12 PM #4
      how long for the rocco to be rippin' up the auto X scene in Tampa?
      Depends on if I need a Digifant Control Relay.

    5. 01-05-2003 10:48 PM #5
      Even Bentley says that all wire colors may not ALL be correct for your car. (From possible production anomolies is my guess) Almost all of them are but I as well as others have found mistakes (very few IMHO) in the manuals...
      with those diagrams your pretty much set if you can trace wires and use a basic multi-meter...
      trace the wire your talking about...find where it starts and ends, that usually paints a better picture....

      [Modified by PAGTI91, 7:50 PM 1-5-2003]

    6. 01-05-2003 11:34 PM #6

      trace the wire your talking about...find where it starts and ends, that usually paints a better picture....
      I know exactly where the wire ends: the Digifant Control Relay. I can tell you what else is connected, and exactly where it is in the wiring diagram.
      The Bentley, my meter, and my own five senses are very good at locating something. They will even tell me how to uninstall it, and that installation is the reverse of removal. Alas, they aren't so good at describing why a given electronic component exists or how it operates...especially the Bentley.
      Now, does anyone know what function this component provides? I guess I'll find out when I try to start the car...

    7. 01-06-2003 07:03 AM #7
      so neal where is this relay? On the CE2 fuse panel? In the engine bay?
      there are only so many relays that have any function to the digi-1, so we need to know which one you are talking about.

    8. 01-06-2003 10:26 AM #8
      so neal where is this relay? On the CE2 fuse panel? In the engine bay.

      I dunno. My Scirocco didn't come with one.
      I don't actually have it because I had never heard mention of it before, so I didn't pull it out of the donor car. And of course the donor car is now gone because this project has taken so dern long that we needed to get that old Corrado out of the yard.
      I'm 99.9% sure it was somewhere on the fuse panel. I'm pretty sure I pulled all the engine-related wiring out of the bay, only leaving the headlights and such. The ECU wire in question definitely went on to the fuse panel, but of course that doesn't mean the relay was located there. There is also a wire from the coil that is on a different harness along with some non-ECU-related sensors (coolant gague, after-run stuff, etc.) going to the fuse panel. It went to the fuse panel and supposedly on to this relay and some other stuff. I think I'll have another look at the Bentley when I get home tonite...
      I'm guessing (hoping?) that this wire/relay is not really necessary for my engine swap. If it were, you'd think more people would know about it, eh? I was looking back at another Mk1 Scirocco G60 site (the original location of the famous wiring diagram, I believe) and he didn't mention it, either.

    9. 01-06-2003 10:33 AM #9
      well theres only 3 relays that have to do with the ecu that i'm aware of.
      1. ECU relay to power ecu from keyswitch
      2. Fuel pump relay to power fuel pump from ECU control.
      3. A/C relay to engage A/C and inform ecu of operation (if a/c works) to adjust idle
      I can't think of any other relays that have to do with the ecu specifically

    10. 01-06-2003 11:46 AM #10
      It looks like there is a spot on the 16v rocco fuse/relay panel that you could add the ECU relay (digifant control relay), but i dont know about other sciroccos though. I tried tracing that, and it doesnt seem to lead anywhere.
      The sure way, in my opinion, is just to wire in a relay to power the ECU (thats what the digifant control relay does) just as you would do for relaying your headlights or something
      As far as that black/white wire that goes to pin 23.. I have the same thing and i have NO clue what it does either. There seems to be no documentation about it. I'm afraid to hook it up, and im afraid not to...
      someone chime in

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