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    Thread: How Much $ / How Difficult To Replace CV Joint?

    1. Member enmtx's Avatar
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      Sep 10th, 2001
      Bellingham, WA
      1999 Golf TDI
      01-25-2003 04:49 PM #1
      My inner CV joint on the drivers side is starting to make some noise. I recently got the passanger side replaced at a shop (wonder why they didn't tell me about the drivers side) anyways... I need to replace the drivers side one. How difficult is it to replace a CV joint? And how much will a replacement cost?
      Here is a pic of mine for some views...

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    2. Member fopeano's Avatar
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      Mar 2nd, 2002
      Rusty Upstate NY
      87 Jetta Coupe getting K20 Swap, 99 Accord Coupe DD, 83 Celica GT-S future project
      01-25-2003 04:55 PM #2
      Well, it's easier to replace the whole axle than to remove it, change the CV joint, and re-install. I've never removed CV joints from an axle, but an axle isn't too hard to replace if all the relevant fittings are in good shape. A rebuilt axle shouldn't cost more than $100, unless you're talking to the dealer. The dealer will sell you rebulit CV joints for about $300 per joint.
      I used my 6 years of Mk2 hobbyist training to become a professional tech in 2006, but that makes you not want to work on your car as much.
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    3. 01-25-2003 05:04 PM #3
      http://www.4130-products.com/step/cvboot/index.htm First time , probably a couple of hours. Cost for the axle 100-150. If you can take your old axle with you so you can compare it with the one you're buying, plus it'll save you paying the core charge and having to go back to get it

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    4. 01-25-2003 05:36 PM #4
      I just bought an axle assembly for $56.oo Reman. with lifetime warranty, after core. So here's the deal. Grab a 8mm 12pt and a 32mm socket. You don't even need to pull the wheel off. Turn the wheel out. Take off the big axle nut on the end. Crack loose the 6 bolts. Wiggle, twist, wiggle twist, breath cause you'll get mad, wiggle twist wiggle. And the axle will slide right out. Take it to the auto parts store, like whatever your local parts dealer is and say I need this. Make sure you save the clips to allign the bolts, but take one with you to compare the new axle. Buy it, go home, and repeat the steps in reverse. The nice thing is, you won't get to dirty the second time around. Hour job with travel to the auto parts store. Two hours if you have a six pack. Good luck! I think the two different axle sizes are 3.685 and 3.935. So you will need to definately take yours down to compare, don't just assume. Have fun!

    5. Member FastLapRSII's Avatar
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      Jul 15th, 2001
      Mk3 GTI 8V
      01-25-2003 05:44 PM #5
      Reman axles are crap. Do yourself a favor and buy new Lobro or GKN C.V. joints, they're held on the axles with snap rings.

    6. 01-25-2003 05:59 PM #6
      Reman axles are crap.
      Yeah and so is my car... they are crap, but do have a lifetime warranty which makes them beyond well worth it. Sure they will go bad in do time, but if you don't mind working on your car, then like the commercial, "save a buck or two". Some of us are on budgets and can't afford dealer prices. The price for a joint compared to a reman. assembly, come on with lif. warranty. I put a reman. axle on this beast and she will out jump any 4x4 in my town, and still drive away from a beating...

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