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    Thread: Center Console button wiring

    1. 12-17-2013 04:14 PM #1
      I currently have 4 accesory toggle switches to run a remote Amp turn on, LEDs, Screen in the back and front/back camera
      I have the switches mounted inside the storage compartment next to the left knee.
      I would like to take advantage of the empty button spaces on the center console. But instead of mounting after market switches in the blank botton covers, I want to try to use a factory switch for each or some of the accessories I have installed. ( The sport-confort, TPMS reset, sunshade and park assist are $17-$26 from the parts department)
      The question is (and I appologize if I missed it in my seaching efforts) how to wire power and ground to these switches that have 4 or 6 prongs in the back.
      if anyone has done it... please share your knowledge. Also would like to know if one of the prongs would need to be wired to the dimmer to light up with the rest of the interior etc....

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      12-17-2013 04:52 PM #2
      I have done it. I dont have every button connected except illuminanation.
      Parking button -> illumination and parking on
      tpms-> illumination but planning to have it fully working
      suspension -> illumination only and i will probably keep it only this way
      rear shade-> illumination and i am planning to have it as garage opener

      I will get you wiring diagrams soon. Just want you to know that all switches are not simple on and off. They are all made just to send a short signal when pressed.

    3. 12-17-2013 05:46 PM #3
      Thank you for your response and in advance, for the diagram.
      The momentary switch would be perfect for the air horn and like you, the garage door opener...

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