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    Thread: Whats the latest with RCD-510, 9W7, and polar fis advacded??

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      Apr 13th, 2012
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      02-17-2014 11:40 AM #1
      does any one have this combo currently ? does the phone pair up the the radio well? how is the bluetooth play back? Im not too concerned about phone stuff in the red mfd but it would be nice. I just scored a 2012 AE version RCD

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      Mar 7th, 2006
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      02-18-2014 04:15 AM #2
      My brother has a 9w7 with an RCD *without* the polar-FIS. He does have the MDI though - I'm not sure if MDI is required for the BT audio to work or not.

      The downside to not having polar-fis is that you don't get the phone stuff in the FIS, and a bigger issue is that pairing is a bitch. You need a vagcom to clear out the phone profiles from the 9w7, and then it will go to pair mode by default and accept one phone. You can't do multiple phone profiles (normally a feature of the 9w7) without the polar-fis.
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