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    Thread: Tell me about Little Rock

    1. Member strskatr05's Avatar
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      May 24th, 2007
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      02-28-2014 04:22 PM #1
      I love Pittsburgh and didn't plan on moving...but there has been talks of a job that would require relocation to Little Rock. I know the pay, and I'm seeing that cost of living is a bit cheaper than in Pittsburgh - but what is there to do? Girlfriend is willing to do the move if I accept.

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    2. Member jtls8's Avatar
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      Jul 14th, 2008
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      02-28-2014 06:16 PM #2
      It's probably burned down already after last night.
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    3. Member Visheau's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2004
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      02-28-2014 06:22 PM #3
      My wife and her family are from there. It's not bad, there are things to do and bigger cities not too far away. There are some nicer parts of town to live in as well. My main gripe is the summer is hot and florida humid while the winters are bitter cold with ice storms. I've never been to PA, but LR isn't awful if you'd be making good money. If you have specific questions I can look into them

    4. Member leitmotif's Avatar
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      Oct 20th, 2006
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      02-28-2014 06:30 PM #4
      My ex inlaws live in Sherwood which is North Little Rock. Little Rock has like the world's smallest downtown. I am not a fan as I've posted in other threads related to AR. But, the flying saucer is always a fun place. Dallas is 5 hours away, Memphis is a couple hours away. I personally wouldn't do little rock but go for a visit and make your own choice.

    5. Geriatric Member ATL_Av8r's Avatar
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      Oct 17th, 2002
      02-28-2014 06:43 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by jtls8 View Post
      It's probably burned down already after last night.

      I'm okay with that. That win clinched the SEC for us outright!
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    6. 02-28-2014 09:00 PM #6
      A couple hours drive north, gets you the best, most awesome fishing, hiking, and camping, to be found.

      But yeah, not much to do in Little Rock itself.

      And if you like to push your cars limits, Hwy 62 North out of town into Mt. Home is a pretty good stretch of road.

      Lots of twisties in places.
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    7. 02-28-2014 11:17 PM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by ATL_Av8r View Post

      I'm okay with that. That win clinched the SEC for us outright!
      Please tell me you are not a UGA, Bama or FSU fan! I need to be an Auburn fan do to by fiance, but I find them 3 the worst to deal with for the SEC.

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      02-28-2014 11:30 PM #8
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      03-01-2014 12:35 AM #9
      Quote Originally Posted by slowvento95 View Post
      please tell me you are not a uga, bama or fsu fan! I need to be an auburn fan do to by fiance, but i find them 3 the worst to deal with for the sec.
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