I have an exhaust from my 1988 Fox Wagon that is about 3-5000 miles old. Here in Colorado, there is no rust on it. PO had it made at a Midas or whatever. It is from the cat back, and 2" diameter, though not mandrel bent like a TT. It sounded good - definitely throatier than stock, but not really modified 'sounding.' I am cutting off the cat and keeping that, unless someone wants to buy it for $75, too. The exhaust by itself would be $75, but shipping would be a problem unless I cut it, which I can do easily, and index it so it can be welded back together easily.

$75 for cat
$75 for exhaust

DOwnpipe - stock, original downpipe - great shape - $50

Stock, original exhaust manifold - great shape. Only thing wrong is one of the studs that holds one of the heat shields on got some thread damage because I had to cut off the nut. Could be repaired or use a spacer to stay on the good threads. EGR tube and heat shields included. $50