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    Thread: C2Motorsports Re-Introduce Touchscreen Tuner

    1. 04-16-2014 11:10 AM #1

      C2Motorsports Re-Introduces C2NER Version 2

      We are proud to re-release our C2NER Version 2 Touchscreen for all vehicles, while previously only available for the Golf R. After months of testing and some trial and error, we feel this is the perfect time to let our touchscreens out into the market. There are a few features different from the original C2NER and we completely reformatted the process and what is included.

      While still performing the same, new design features Include:
      • Smaller, more sleek design
      • Completely different interface, now touchscreen and in color
      • Easier set up and installation with computer
      • More attractive packaging and overall experience

      With the Version 1 C2NER, we offered 2 performance files with the device. We have found that with certain applications this feature is not as important as revisions. This is why we have completely changed the policy on these devices. The device now comes with 1 performance file and 2 FREE Revisions, along with it holding your stock file and being able to switch back and forth. This will insure that you are 100% happy with your tune and we can tweak a few things here and there to make it the best it can be. Consider it as a custom tune, but never having to ship out your ECU once. We have made new Terms & Conditions specific to the device that can be found on our Download page, and we highly recommend reviewing it and our FAQ.

      The biggest change that we are excited about introducing is our 14-day money back guarantee. In today's society, this seems to be the the standard so we have decided to implement this procedure with our products. We thought to ourselves, we have faith in our products and know customers will be happy so what do we have to lose?

      Please give us a call 502.895.3660 or send an email to and we will be more than happy to find the best option for you and your tuning project. Or you can head over to our website or click on the pictures below to take you straight to our packages.

    2. 04-17-2014 02:08 PM #2
      A few of these have already gone out! Ordering more and will have plenty in stock.

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