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    Thread: Strange battery problem with A/C issues, theories welcome!!

    1. 06-05-2014 05:32 PM #1
      OK. So I have a 07 Passat with about 150k, very well maintained and mostly trouble free.

      Just yesterday, I was idling with the a/c on and the car just stopped, like it stalled, never happened before. So I go to start it and it won't turn over, makes the weak battery noise. So I assume the battery suddenly failed.
      I take the battery to Advanced Auto and it checks out fine. So I put the battery back in and the car works perfectly, but the a/c doesn't work at all. The light comes on (Climatic) but the compressor does not kick in.
      The fuses are OK.
      So, is there a relay I can check before I bring it in? What else can I check?
      Also any theories on what the hell happened would be welcomed. I think I have an internal battery problem.

    2. Member
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      Jul 3rd, 2013
      2007 GLI BPY 6MT
      06-06-2014 02:02 AM #2
      AC compressor needs to be replaced.

    3. Member 2006_A3_2.0T's Avatar
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      Jan 11th, 2013
      06-07-2014 12:03 AM #3
      When I bought my A3, the ac didnt work.
      It was dead, I told my friend that if the ac doesnt work then i dont buy the car.

      So he bring hes tech and the guy changed a relay and worked. Could not tell where it was located but it was from the blower.

      Could be the compressor too but thats my experience.
      DM Stg2

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