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    Thread: Another radio install, specific questions

    1. 07-09-2014 10:15 PM #1
      So Ive done the search but cant quite find the info I want. Ive got an 03 passat with the double din Monsoon. No steering wheel controls, no CD changer, Amp in the trunk.

      Ive got a single din pioneer deck im gonna use, but im hung up on the plug in harness. The plug in block is pretty basic and cheep, then there is the kit everyone else wants to sell at 50$+ which had the interface module for steering wheel controls.

      Here is my questions...

      If I get the basic harness that plugs in to the car, with no interface module, I need to find an ACC switch power wire right? Otherwise I wont have switch power because thats activated the 'CAN' wiring. If I get the interface module then ill have my ACC switch power?

      Also, the Monsoon amp turns on via signal on the left front from the head unit yes? Or is there there a remote wire to turn the stock amp on. (ive read its auto on but the pinouts show an AMP+ wire)

      And to retain communication for the OBD port don't hook anything up to the blue/white wire on the cars harness.

      So ya, simple answers to those 3 questions would be sweet!

      On a side note. I've read audio quality improves when changing out Just the head unit, can anyone attest to this? Im not a big fan of the way it sounds now, not much control, the tweeters are harsh, and there is a disconnect, a lack of range between the midbass and the tweeters. I can hear them separately, and if its done right they should blend pretty seamlessly. The paper tweeters in my 95 volvo are waaay smoother and blend in seamlessly with the midbass in the doors. Thoughts?


    2. Member scotts13's Avatar
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      Feb 15th, 2007
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      07-10-2014 01:44 AM #2
      The only one I can positively answer is the Monsoon amp power. A separate trigger wire isn't needed, it indeed works by detecting signal at the input.

      Observation: I doubt you'll alleviate the audio complaints you have by much, if at all, by changing the head unit. I don't share your feeling about the Monsoon sound; IMHO the only lack is some deep bass. Your issues seem to be related to the speakers, and you'll still be listening to the same amps and speakers. Frankly, if the Monsoon setup is not to your liking - and it's reasonably good for a factory system - I'd recommend tearing the whole thing out and starting over.

    3. 07-13-2014 01:32 AM #3
      So no one else has any info on exactly why I would need the interface? Aside from the key switched power I assume??

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