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    Thread: 93 Fox engine noise

    1. Yesterday 03:10 AM #1
      Car sat for a year and when I started it white smoke poured out and the valves were making alot of noise, then suspecting a blown head gasket i tore the cylinder head off and replaced the head gasket exhaust maifold gaskets (Between exhaust and cylinder head not the down pipe) intake manifold gaskets,the two rubber gaskets on each end of cam, valve cover gasket, timing belt and did a oil change with mixed viscosities of a single brand but over 50% was 5w-30 and I live In Fairbanks Alaska so the peak temp is around 80 avg about 70 this time of year. I removed the v-belt ( alternator belt) and ran it to see if the noise was from that but to my suprise the noise was un-changed. My question is where should I start in diagnosing the noise. Could it be my timing belt tensioner (didnt replace)? Pcv valve? Exhaust leak? Piston slap? Oil pressure? I will include a video of the noise. Video:
      Car has 75,000 miles with digifant
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    2. Today 02:39 AM #2
      Well no one replied but I managed to figure out the issue; the #3/#4 cylinder exhaust port gaskets (between exhaust manifold and cylinder head) were put in with the wrong orientation allowing blowby and restricting the exhaust gases from expelling into the down pipe. I will upload the after sound soon.

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