I had the auto trans serviced a few years ago, , so decided to use a 2 liter ABA block and Digifant 2.

The D2 worked great for 2 years, then stopped running. I tried everything imaginable, gave up andI'm swapping in a 1995 Motronic fuel injection system..

Now comes the part where I add the 3 relays, Power supply, Fuel pump, and Heated 02 sensor.
I can't find my notes I made doing this swap in a ABA powered Vanagon.
The info I need is more detail of the relays.
The Bentley is not clear.

It shows the Fuel Pump Relay having three terminals 30, 85 & 87, and no switch power 86 terminal.
The Heated 02 Sensor Relay is only identified as "J278", no relay terminal numbers.
The Power Supply Relay has a 86 and 86a terminals, etc.

Is there somewhere I can get this info?