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    Thread: Possibly relocating to Kansas... Looking for advice about the area.

    1. Senior Member trip permit's Avatar
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      Mar 18th, 2008
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      08-09-2014 09:03 PM #1
      Well I am possibly relocating to the Wichita, Kansas very soon from the good old PNW. It will be just my dog and I moving out there and well, my mk2.

      I won't have much time to really decide and visit out there. So trying to get as much insight as I possibly can. I will be working for a company who partners with Kroger, specifically Dillon stores. Their office building is located in Hutchinson, Kansas. How is that area? Are there areas worth living in that require a little more of a drive? I am from WA so snow will be a whole new game to me... So, closer to Hutchinson the better I would assume.

      Looking for good areas to live in and enjoy. Less crime would be better, although not sure how bad it is out there. I am coming from Seattle, so it will be a huge change I am sure. This is kind of a vague post, but it was just brought up to me this morning.

      Anyways, here is my MK2 I will be bringing with me:

      Thanks ahead of time for any replies.
      [Mk2 GTI - VR6 Build]

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      08-11-2014 03:42 PM #2
      I live about 3 hours northeast of Wichita, so here is my two cents since nobody else replied:

      The cost of living is absurdly low by national standards, a positive. The VW scene is extremely small. Wichita is not a bad town, but you're isolated. Kansas City is probably 3 hours away (where I am) and is the biggest city near Wichita. Oklahoma City or Tulsa would be other options, but not real close either, and neither is as large as Kansas City, which is a metro of about 2 million. Wichita metro area is probably a little over half a million in population.

      You'll have the only clean MK2 VW there. LOL. It's nothing like the PNW. Most of that stuff rusted away a long time ago around here, and they probably only ever sold 3 Golfs in Wichita back in the day anyway. Kidding.

      Depends what you want. If you are from Los Angeles and love a huge metro, you'll probably be miserable in Wichita. Personally, I think it's a decent sized town, but others may opine differently.

      I have a friend who is an engineer for Boeing who lives down there and loves it. But he's a low key guy and not a big city fan.

      The aviation / aerospace industry has a significant presence in Wichita, believe it or not.

      It's very hot in the summer time, and the terrain is fairly boring. We get a fair bit of severe weather in spring and fall, i.e. hail, thunderstorms, etc. Wichita gets it a little worse than we do in KC. You'll want covered parking for your car. Hail is common. Wichita will seem a lot sunnier to you than the PNW. I'd bet they get two or three times the number of full sun days as Portland or Seattle, for instance. Hot and dry by comparison. Climate similar to Oklahoma, as you're not far from there. I say dry...not dry like the desert, but plenty of times with lots of sun and long stretches between rains. Relatively flat down there.

      People are very friendly in Kansas in my experience. Not pretentious. That being said, I'd venture a guess that it's a more conservative area politically than the PNW. You get down into Oklahoma, it gets downright Bible belt. Wichita itself isn't that bad, I don't think, but it's not liberal heaven down there for sure.

      I'd say it's a decent town but like I said, you're isolated. It's a fair bit of work to go anywhere else, since you're out there on your own. Plan on driving a couple hours to get anywhere else worth going to.

      I'd look at it like this. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. What the hell. If you get there and hate it, you move after a while. Life's too short to sit in one place forever, though.

      Let me know if you have any more specific questions. I can easily message my buddy down there and ask for you.

      Oh, you mentioned snow. We only get a snow that matters a few times a year in Kansas City, and they tend to get less down south in Wichita. You might get freezing rain from time to time or a decent snow once or twice a season, but it's not Iowa or Minnesota. Snow is not a huge factor. I'd worry more about heat than winter weather. There is a pretty wide temp variation out here in the midwest. You can get down to below zero in winter although that is not common all winter. It can easily get above 100 in the summer. So it might be a wider range than what you have where you are now, but I'm only vaguely familiar with your climate.
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