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    Thread: O-ringing a 12v VR6 head...good or bad for boost?

    1. Member vdubxcrew's Avatar
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      Jul 24th, 2004
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      08-25-2014 07:03 PM #1
      I have a great shape spare head I'd like to port for my turbo build. I got it from a guy who had it o-ringed. Never really thought about it and the effects it may have on a turbo build. I only plan on pushing around 400whp tops so what are the advantages/disadvantages? Is there anything I need to do differently when mounting it to the block? Will it work with a compression lowering spacer?
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    2. Member sp_golf's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2007
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      08-25-2014 07:19 PM #2
      The way to propely oring a motor is to also o ring the block and get a custom headgasket with cutouts for the o rings on both sides. It's definitely not worth it for such a mild motor, and not really worth it in general.
      I suggest scrapping that head and getting a clean one, then porting that.
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