To keep a long story short, I purchased an extremely low mileage certified pre-owned Jetta in late July. Within a week I noticed the car was misaligned and noticed signs of repair work. The carfax was clean and I had asked several times before the transaction if the car was in an accident with all assuring that the car had not. I notified the GM of the dealer but of course, he denied it and was unwilling to help, was even a little condescending.

Fast forward three weeks and I took the car to, two reputable body shops. They both performed a walk around and pointed out several places where work had been done and even noticed that the front had been re-welded to the frame. The problem I'm having is that neither would put any of these findings in writing because of what I assume to be the issue if being "blacklisted." Does anyone know of a body shop that would be willing to issue something in writing with the information they find? Or is this a lost cause? Any help would be greatly appreciated.