Hi all, my first post here! I normally go on Briskoda, below is the details for my car, I hope I'm in the right sub forum for my engine.

2009 Octavia FL, DSG 2.0 Petrol, owned from new, stock ECU no engine.performance mods, FMDSH. I either use 99RON or normal 95RON petrol, had spark plugs and air filter changed last year during service.

Problem is when in start stop traffic or just when slowing down, the idle starts to pulse below normal value, sort of boucning up and down. I get the gear change indicator flash D1 - D - D1 when this is happening, if I knock it into N its still does it. I have had the issue on and off since new but its happening more now, the dealer did change the clutch pack a few years ago but made no differance. I do have VCDS but no codes are logged. Anyone got any ideas before I take it into the workshop?