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    Thread: Slowly getting there - TDI Variant

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      Nov 15th, 2013
      1997 Golf TDI Estate
      09-14-2014 10:45 AM #1
      I've been rolling with metallic green wings and navy blue driver's door for the last 6 months or so. Yesterday I found a guy breaking a red GTI on eBay so I went to see what he had. It was a three door so I couldn't replace the door, but I managed to pick up a front bumper including projector fog lights (to replace my flaky, painted one) both wings, and a body-colour two bar grill to replace my black three bar one with faded colour strip. All in cost me 25 quid

      A year ago she looked like this when I picked her up:

      And then I rocked this look for a while:

      Today she looks more like this:

      I need need to source a driver's door, and probably a full interior. Right now I have a GTI driver's seat and standard seats for the passenger and in the back. Maybe some lows at some point, and some more engine tweaking. Right now I'm running bigger injectors and it's fairly nippy as it is.

      Just wanted to share - it finally feels like I'm getting somewhere with it.
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    2. Yesterday 05:06 PM #2
      That looks fun. What are your long term goals?

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