I have a 2005 GLI Mkiv. I have been going back and forth with the local auto parts store trying to find the proper axle. The bolt holding the axle is the 17mm internal hex (allen). It seems that when I find an axle that accepts the bolt, the flange mounting it to the trans is wrong and vice versa. I found on ECS the axle the looks like it will work. The OEM part # is 1J0407271QD (per ECS). I am just basically looking for insight on this situation. The research I have done shows that the 2004-2005 GLI have their own axle. I found a first equipment one for a GLI but it is the passenger side and I cannot find the drivers side to save my life. I just don't really want to drop the $330 for the oem axle from ecs. Thanks in advance for the help