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    Thread: Passenger Side Thud Sounds - Going over bumps, letting off of brakes from a stop, and when doing left hand turns

    1. 09-22-2014 01:45 PM #1
      My passenger side has been making thud noises on a number of occasions on my 01 Jetta 1.8t:
      1. When I go over bumps, the front passenger side will make a loud thud noise.
      2. When I take my foot off the brake, there will be a loud thud from the front passenger side as well.
      3. When making left hand turns and I begin to turn the wheel back to return it to its original position, there is a thud coming from the front passenger side as well.
      It does not continuously click like a bad CV joint would.

      All these symptoms came at the same time period. Any clue as to what this would be? I'm hoping that it's just one part to replace or fix.
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    2. 09-22-2014 08:50 PM #2
      Would this rotting control arm bushing be the problem?

    3. 09-22-2014 11:20 PM #3

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      09-22-2014 11:37 PM #4
      Yes that bushing is likely your problem. Replace it and any others that are torn and you should be noise free, providing there aren't other obvious problems elsewhere.
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      Notch the coilover. then you wont need spacers.
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