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    Thread: O2 Sensor Location - confused

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      May 10th, 2012
      2003 VW Eurovan MV
      11-22-2014 12:46 PM #1
      I am new to the Audi community. I got at 2001 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8L - I have a check engine light and downloawded following information:

      ddress 01: Engine Labels: 078-907-551-ATQ.lbl
      Part No: 3B0 907 551 BP
      Component: 2.8L V6/5V G 0001
      Coding: 07201
      Shop #: WSC 06435
      VCID: 72EB66253E7FD28E927-5122

      3 Faults Found:
      17530 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating; B2 S2
      P1122 - 35-00 - Open Circuit
      17548 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor; B2 S2
      P1140 - 35-00 - Internal Resistance too High
      17977 - Cruise Control Switch (E45)
      P1569 - 35-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
      Readiness: 0010 0001

      So I found that the location of B2S2 is the O2 sensor on the driver side (left hand driver - not to get confused with English folks) after the catalytic converter and the plug is the brown one and the PN is Bosch #16069. So I checked the resistance on the heating wires going to the O2 sensor (pin 1 and 2) - it showed open circuit - so far so good.
      I unhooked the brown O2 plug and pulled the wire down to under the car, but the wire with the brown plug goes to the passenger side - what the heck?!?! Confused - the wire with the green plug (#16067) goes to the driver's side cat and the wire with the brown plug (#16069) goes to the passenger side cat. I checked the resistance on the green plug (pin 1 and pin 2) and it was fine.
      Did these ones got hooked up wrong by the previous owner, am I wrong? Shall I replace it the way they are or switch them (if they are wrong right now)??? Is there a way to check if they are wrong??

    2. 04-18-2017 08:11 PM #2
      did you ever find an answer to your question? I'm getting the same codes, wondering how you ended up fixing it

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