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    Thread: Tire Options and Opinions

    1. 01-09-2015 01:40 PM #1
      I am planning to hit a few Time Trials this year with my Golf R. For NASA time trials, the car is classed in TTD with 14 base points. The stock tire size is a 245 wide tire. If I go with a 225 wide tire, I can get -4 off the points base, which takes me down to 10 points, and I have 9 left over before going up a class. That leaves me the option to use a Toyo RR, which I've used plenty of times before. Except, they don't make that tire in the size I need. Next up was the Hankook TD race tire. Closest tire is a 225/45/17, but then I'd have to buy 17" wheels for it, and I'm not 100% sure if a 17" wheel will fit on the R Golf.

      I can go down a notch and head for the Nitto NT01, which they do make in a 225/40/18. I'm just not sure how good the tire is (no experience with it). The other choices in the +7 category are:

      The following DOT-approved R-compound tires and those with a UTQG treadwear rating of
      50 to 130: Maxxis RC-1 (ex. Kumho V700, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, Nitto NT01, Pirelli
      PZero Corsa, Toyo R888, Toyo RA-1, Yokahama A048, etc.) +7

      The RA1 is an ok tire, but gets greasy when hot. The Golf R is a heavy'ish car for its size and a 225 wide tire may not be great for lower performance tires, which is why I'd like to go with the closest thing to a race tire so it will take the heat a bit better.

      So far, the only tire I can seem to find in that 225/40/18 size is the Nitto. Are there any other good tires?

      I would love to buy a Hoosier R6, but that is +10 points and would bump me a class, so unless I can find a way to remove any other points from my classification base, I'm stuck. Oddly Hoosier does make a R6 in the size I want.

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      01-23-2015 12:58 PM #2
      The Nitto NT01 are my personal favorite tire before moving up to slicks.

      They can handle a lot of heat before turning into crayons and it's generally the preferred tire for a lot of track enthusiasts that race at our desert tracks here in southern California. They communicate very well and you can get about 6 solid weekends out of them (1200 minutes of use) if you don't have them shaved beforehand.

      Hope this helps.
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    3. 01-24-2015 11:16 AM #3
      I wouldn't consider the NT01 a step down at all. My experience is that they stand up well to many heat cycles, can be run until they almost cord, and they have good side-wall construction for great feedback and quick turn-in.

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