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    Thread: Will pay for DSG service

    1. Member ugafan's Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2008
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      01-21-2015 07:35 PM #1
      Not looking to pay 500$ for a service but will pay one of you seasoned vets on these cars. I live in Atlanta but definitely willing to drive and will pay for honest work, thanks.

    2. Member
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      Nov 18th, 2006
      Western NC
      2012 Passat TDI SE DSG/ 2013 JSW TDI DSG, 2008 R32 #1580
      02-20-2015 08:05 PM #2
      A little far away but I know many good mechanics in the Western NC area. PM me for details if you haven't found anybody yet. I do mine myself however.
      2012 Passat SE TDI. DSG, 35% tint

      2013 JSW TDI DSG. 35% tint, smoked side markers, Malone 2.0 Eco w/DSG Tune

      2008 R32 #1580. Forge intake, Magnaflow exhaust, tint, UM Combo tune

    3. n00b
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      May 23rd, 2014
      2013 VW CC 92 Cherokee Limited
      04-09-2015 07:57 AM #3
      $500 really isn't a bad quote. You can buy the whole kit yourself for $250 and just depending on how much a shop would charge you to do the labor. Any shop that can do a transmission flush/fluid change can do that service for you. Most places charge one or two hours of labor which could put you close to $500

    4. Member
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      Sep 2nd, 2002
      MK VI Jetta SEL and GLI, MKII Rocco
      04-10-2015 10:51 PM #4
      That sounds pretty high. My local dealer in has the DSG serivce for $299. They are running a coupon right now for $249. It includes "Drain transmission fluid and refill" & "Replace filter". Tax and hazardous waste fee are extra.
      Maybe you should shop around and see if you can get a better deal.

    5. Yesterday 12:56 PM #5
      The whole kit from IDPARTS.COM is $100.00 for DIY, without
      the bottom fill attachments.

      It is not all THAT difficult, the longest part is the top fill wait.

      Top Filling is easy, but slow, and is what I did.

      Attach a hose to the end of a funnel, then to the raised nub on the inside of the
      filter housing. You can pour the fluid into the funnel, and it will slowly
      drain into the transmission. The warmer the fluid, the faster it goes, so you
      may want to heat it up.

      5.6 liter fill is the magic number, is what I used, did not warm up and drain
      excess. They hold 6.5 total.

      I filled mine till it started to come out the drain, then stopped. Put the plug
      in, then put some more in, about the volume of the filter housing and it turned
      out to be about 5.6 liters.

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