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    Thread: Help. Clutch replaced, cluster not working properly.

    1. 03-09-2015 03:35 PM #1

      So recently I replaced my clutch, and all went well. I had an abs light on before I installed the clutch, which I know is a bad rear sensor. Regardless, my odometer works, but my speedo does not, my gas gauge is all over the place, and I have a Cel as well. I have read on some other similar problems where nothing works at all (not even the odometer... but mine works), that it was the speed sensor... so, I guess I'll start off by fixing the abs sensor, but does anyone have any idea where I would go from there?

      thanks, Wyatt

    2. 03-09-2015 03:36 PM #2
      I guess I left out some info. Vehicle is an 03 passat 1.8t awm.

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      03-09-2015 08:42 PM #3
      Are you sure you plugged the vehicle speed sensor in? Check for large grounds around the transmission
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    4. 03-11-2015 06:20 PM #4
      Idk if this helps, but it was working the night I got it back together, but the next morning, it stoppped working. The code i have is p0501. Yes, the sensor is plugged in. I guess I'll start off by replacing the sensor.

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