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      Dec 2nd, 2006
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      I used to drive a Rabbit5GTI or something. May also own a NATO Sand Jeep.
      03-19-2015 10:04 PM #1
      So, I bought one. Not in Regal Peacock Green, but that's okay.

      500 mile update:

      I'm finally at the point where I'm about ready to really start seeing what this bitch can do. First tank was 15 MPG, so I still got on it a little bit

      Other than saying the car's brakes are by far the best I've had, I can't really comment on it's handling or brute power - also, I haven't autocrossed it yet. I would be an absolute poser if I attempted to comment on things such as handling before the 'real enthusiasts' make their comments.

      I can, however, give some thoughts on positives and negatives thus far:

      - The interior buttons light up when you open the door at night. Not just the dome lights. Really nice touch.
      - I always thought it was gimmicky, but I really like using the HUD. It displays all pertinent info - turn signals, speed, tach, outside temp, tailgate warnings, forward collision warnings, nav info, lateral-g meter, and radio info temporarily pops up when a new song begins.
      - MyLink is a great system. Phone contacts synch up to it perfectly, and the menus are customizable. The one oddity (not that I really care) is that to use Pandora, I have only been able to use it by physically plugging in the USB cable. That might be user error on my end, though.
      - Bluetooth sound quality (for both music and phone calls) is better than my old Golf and current Mazda, for what that's worth.
      - You can configure both driver and passenger mirrors to tilt down while in reverse. Not as big of a deal anymore with fancy-pants active parking camera assists, but it's still a nice-to-have.
      - The ride quality/lack of sound at highway cruising speeds is very nice. I figured it would be stiffer (not that it would be a big deal), but it's a testament to how good the different mageride settings are between touring/sport/performance.
      - The sunroof can be open on it's own, without the 'womp womp' air pressure crap.
      - I was able to transfer my lifetime XM subscription from the GTI to the SS. Nothing related to the car, but score one for me

      - When you have a sunroof, the sunglasses holder is deleted.
      - No homelink is kind of odd. The car has all sorts of fancy parking assist, collision mitigation, etc. but doesn't have this. Not a big deal for me, but just found that to be odd.
      - I think I need to figure out the climate control a little more. Seems to be either hot or cold. One area where the GTI's dual-zone was much better...so far. Again, hopefully it's just user error.
      - The sunroof is auto open, but manual close.
      - I don't know if I'll ever get used to an electric parking brake, but whatever.
      - Excessive chrome. But that's being taken care of.

      All in all, I don't have any driveability complains, and that's all that really matters. The car feels solid, no random rattles on a cold morning (my Mazda and previous VWs rattle/d like sin even from new), and my 'Cons' so far are all minor.

      I have already installed the black side vents, and it makes a big difference. I'm thinking that if I take care of the chrome on the fog/drl bezels, that will be good enough for now. I don't mind some chrome.

      Couple more pics:

      Here's the new trim. I think it helps quite a bit:

      Favorite spot of mine:


      This was funny, first song on XM while setting up the OnStar with the sales girl.

      Anyway, if you've got any particular questions, ask away. Needless to say so far, calling it impressive would be a massive understatement. I'll post more pictures and an actual review tomorrow.

      Edit for some crappy iPhone pics:

      I believe I have all covered - stitching, dash squishy-ness, legroom request, gages (TM), nice details, boring engine cover, correct trunk hinges (which as we know, decide whether a vehicle is of poor quality or not), an actual air vent on the rear window, and so on and so forth. Oh, and the car is already filthy because last Friday night, I couldn't help myself but drive it during a rain storm.

      In these two, I tried to show how much leg and head room I have. Basically, four six footers can sit very, very comfortably in the car.

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