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    Thread: 2007 Rabbit

    1. 05-21-2015 07:27 PM #1
      Hi from Montreal,

      My civic died, well it didn't but it's time to let it go... It was given to me, so now it's time to go back to my Volkswagen roots. I had 6 different volks between 95 and 05! Let's just say I like variety...

      I saw a 2007 rabbit with 117 000km on it at a Hyundai dealer, 5998$

      I will have the car inspected at another garage, a european car specialist that the mechanic I had for the honda recommended me, amongst other vw owners.

      1-The garage offers full inspection + road test for 130$. And for 30$ more, the receptionnist told me I would get a "computer scan". What is that "computer scan" and is it worth it?

      2-What issues should I be careful of with this car?
      I read a lot about timing chain issues and it scares me a bit. But then again, is it like wn you google too much a disease and end up believing you or everyone else has it? After all, changing a timing chain every 80k beats the purpose of having a chain instead of a belt... Why would Vw have done such a thing?


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      Yesterday 05:00 PM #2
      see if you can find out what kind of motor is in it.

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