hello everyone i was hoping if some could help me on my question!

i just bought a 2012 gli with around 32k on it, but weeks after my brother got in an accident. ICBC took the full claim with me paying 500 deductible . Well i took to VW Langley B.C were they do ICBC claims i thought it would be a good idea for they probably knew more about the car since its a vw. my car was in the shop for a couple weeks and they gave me a list of everything that got replaced. they put a used engine in with abut 18,000 k on it and said something about first try grinding the the transmission , which they did! it was working fine till 2 weeks later it stopped again and wouldnt start so i got it towed back and they said it was the transmission again ! so ICBC said to replace it and i think paid around 7k becasue they wanted me to pay 10% $700 deductible. I havent received the invoice of the transmission when i picked it up couple weeks ago but they said they put the new transmission in it, i am going to pick up the receipt up in couple days.

But the question is that it still doesn't drive like they put a new transmission in it, it drives like when the time they fixed the old one , is this possible? and is there anyway i can tell if they changed it besides the receipt? And when ever i got it back from them, the cruse control switch was on the on side, is that normal or have anything to do with grinding the transmission?

also my rpm meter keeps jolting back from 1700-2200 its weird even if your not slowing on the acceleration does anybody else know anything about this or can tell me how that works?

i would appreciate if some on or anyone can help me a bit THANKS