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    Thread: Fox Forum Users Photo Gallery: Pics Only, Please

    1. Geriatric Member
      Join Date
      Mar 10th, 1999
      2003 Jetta GLI (Project car), 1957 Porsche Speedster (replica)
      02-24-2003 06:06 AM #1
      This thread is so the Fox forum members can post pictures of their cars to share with everyone. It will make a good resource for people to get ideas of how to mod or style their Fox.
      1. ONLY post pictures of Foxes.
      2. If not your Fox, state otherwise.
      3. No commenting on peoples cars in here. This is a Photo Album only.
      *Note: Our Brazillian counterparts are by far, more than welcome also.
      Foxes, Voyages, Paratis, Saveiros and Gols.

    2. Member voxwagen88's Avatar
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      Dec 8th, 2001
      North Vancouver
      1990 Fox Wagon, 2003 Jetta Wagon
      06-10-2003 11:34 AM #2

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    3. 06-10-2003 11:51 AM #3
      Non-functional image deleted. Feel free to post a replacement.

      Modified by Longitudinal at 11:33 AM 11-20-2005

    4. 06-12-2003 05:04 PM #4

      What my Fox brings me every time I drive it.

    5. Member jeece's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 18th, 2003
      Granby, QC, Canada
      99.5 Jetta Mk4 TDI
      06-12-2003 07:42 PM #5

      No comments!


    6. 07-04-2003 12:19 AM #6
      I wish LoL! ( not on these roads though bleh )
      ( dont ask wasnt my camera)
      new pics soon for kicks.

    7. 01-02-2004 07:34 PM #7


      Modified by SuperFox at 4:49 AM 8-12-2004

    8. 02-18-2004 06:45 PM #8
      car is up on the side cuz im changing the fuel pump

    9. 03-03-2004 07:06 PM #9
      I finally got my pic up.

    10. 03-06-2004 04:41 AM #10
      I used to own a 1991 VW Gol GTS back in Brazil and this is a pick of the Gol GTS that was never offered here in the U.S:

    11. 03-14-2004 10:45 PM #12
      More pics.

    12. 04-21-2004 04:27 PM #13

    13. 05-24-2004 12:49 AM #14
      your "angry tape" goes well with that angry dent!
      here's mine:

    14. 05-26-2004 02:47 AM #15

      Modified by Crash--Oops at 7:53 AM 5-26-2004

    15. 06-17-2004 09:06 AM #16
      This was taken with my phone, sorry about the quality

    16. Member efritsch's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 21st, 2002
      Kelowna B.C.
      2004 Golf 2L, 1992 Passat Syncro Wagon, 1987 Fox Wagon (Project)
      08-29-2004 01:47 PM #17
      This is Tails as most of you know. I got her in 1998 with 197,000km on the odometer. I am the second owner. When I put her away to start this project, the odometer read 383,000km put it's 40,000 short as I changed the odometer twice.
      What she looked like when I First Got Her

      Me having fun

      First Mod

      Rims, Tints, CD Player and Bra

      Starting the Body Work

      John, the guy that did the work

      Just out of the body shop.

      On the way to Ohio

      After a year in Ohio

      After a few more months in Ohio.....

      On the way home

      Work that DID get done.

      Working on it at home.
      Test fitting Fox II lights.

      More Pics: http://photobucket.com/albums/v450/efritsch/Tails
      Login is efritsch
      Read only password is Tails

      Modified by efritsch at 11:02 PM 9-12-2004
      Quote Originally Posted by 90quattrocoupe
      I am old enough that I only have to be nice when I want to.

    17. Member kobe82's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 27th, 2003
      Bend oregon
      1978 RWD bunny 1980 bunny 2001 passat 1.8t 2002 4 motion 1998 A8 1988 Cherokee 1997 accord
      10-16-2004 01:07 PM #18
      um what motor did you put in there ?>

    18. Moderator the brit's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 23rd, 2003
      Pottstown, PA
      VW Fox 16v
      10-16-2004 01:25 PM #19
      Quote, originally posted by kobe82 »
      um what motor did you put in there ?>

      3.0 Audi V6, but please keep questions out of this thread and in the main forum
      | œ Orchid Euro Importation œ |

      Currently driving or working on too many cars...
      | '93 Fox 16v - PVW | '99 Greenland Polo Diesel | '89 Rallye Golf | '83 Golf GTi RHD | '75 Swallowtail |
      | '82 Caddy 1.9D | '85 VW LT Car Transporter | Mk2 Jetta Limo | '90 Jetta 8V | '96 VW LT35D | '03 SpintLT35 | '02 GTI 337 | '03 GTI 20v |
      | '09 Aprilia RS125 | '81 Kawasaki AR80 | '59 NSU Quickly | '64 Honda Cub C65 + '65 C105 | Trek Emonda SLR9 | Trek Crockett 9 |

    19. Member
      Join Date
      Feb 6th, 2004
      1988 Fox Wagon #2, 2004 DBP R32, 2012 Golf R Rising Blue
      11-03-2004 04:19 PM #20
      $50 winter beater runs great

      Had a mouse living in the trunk

    20. 11-09-2004 09:22 AM #21
      See my VW Fox 1,0 16V Turbo Intercooler with 145hp !!! From Brasil, of course.

    21. Member andykane's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 7th, 2004
      87 Scirocco 16v
      11-14-2004 02:47 AM #22
      1988 Fox Wagon
      330 000 kilometers
      still going strong, although it has the original struts/springs
      Currently stock, except for the tach.
      It looks better in photos than it does in person. I need to shine it up more and get it looking like this all the time:

      Modified by andykane at 4:40 AM 12-21-2004

    22. 11-23-2004 03:10 PM #23
      Ok, finally putt'n em up

    23. 11-25-2004 01:41 AM #24
      Okay, for my pix, i know, i need new ones but here's the directory, have fun exploring... i'll post an update, even details on rebuilding the wagon soon enough... hope you like.
      my favorites:

      This is the free fox; there's tiny rust spots all over, that you can't see in the pix... i need to totally redo the exterior

      ^this is the fox that actually runs, it's a 2dr, you can't tell in this picture. There's mad collision damage still present, both fenders bear wrinkles and crap like that... the lights dont sit right... i'm gonna get rid of this thing as soon as i get my wagon working good.

      ^nice shot of the huge clock

    24. 11-25-2004 04:01 PM #25

      my drivers side rear door still needs some work

      Ive grown to love these rims. Im not sure if they were standard on the '93s, or were added later, but they dont take all the attention off the car, like those huge chrome things with the spinning things (which look like they can take off a hand, or come off and impale some innocent driver).

      I'l be getting my new plates soon, so I can get rid of the old crumpled thing on there now...
      update: I got a new CD player, I'l try to get a picture of it later. also new seat and steering wheel covers!
      NEW PICS! 12/28/04


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