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    Thread: 1.8t MK3 A/C help!!!!

    1. 09-13-2015 01:34 PM #1
      I have a mk3 VR6 chassis that I am puttin a 1.8t into. The chassis is a GTI and the motor is an AWP from a GTI. The last time I did this swap, I wasn't utilizing a/c but this time I would like to use it. If someone has done this successfully and can post to help out, it would be awesome! I need to know what I need to keep from the VR6 Gti chassis and what I will need from the mk4 chassis to make it work. I know the compressor form the vr6 can be used along with the a/c lines, Evap, and condenser. What actually controls the a/c system? Is it the fan control module? ECu? As you know, the EVU is not there anymore as I will be using the 1.8t ECu and unfortunately, I made this decision AFTER cutting out the receiver/drier wiring alon with the fan control wiring and ambient temp sensor wiring. Any help is appreciated!
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    2. 09-13-2015 01:39 PM #2
      Just to give ppl an idea of what I'm thinking of doing, I'm considering getting a mk4 engine bay harness and the corresponding mk4 ambient temp sensor, fan control module and then wiring the receiver drier in myself. Then giving it power from the fuse panel. Will this work?
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    3. 09-13-2015 05:31 PM #3
      Go to the Vortex home page, select Articles, and input "New Wave 1.8T Swap" into the search bar on the right. Look at, and read, all four of those segments, as it should give you everything you want as far as information goes...

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    4. 09-16-2015 10:17 PM #4
      Thanks for the concern mike but that article had literally NOTHING to do with what I asked. They did the swap an entirely different way and did not touch on the a/c questions I have
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