I couldn't help myself. I looked at this car when it was priced at $11k. It drove pretty well, but the prep work on the paint wasn't great, and it had enough wear and tear on it that you really couldn't justify premium money for it. But today, the guy sent me a message saying he'd take $7k for it, so I went and looked at it again. Freshly built 350 with a mild cam, and trans was new too (TH350). Brand new 373 gears in a freshly prepped and painted rear end. The interior looks pretty decent, but you can see where shortcuts were taken. At the end of the day, I spent $6k and brought this thing home. I lights the fat rear tires up from a roll in 1 st gear and can light 'em up again in second.

Its a Berlinetta, no console car, but came with factory A/C. While its not perfect, it does snap necks. I passed a bunch of what appeared to be middle school kids and they all dropped what they were doing to stare and shout "nice car!". I only share that to say that there is hope for the next generation.

But really, this is a fun, snappy car that sounds great, looks great and scratches that V8 itch until I get my Riv up and running. I certainly won't lose any money on it. I'll be out driving!