Hi everyone:

By now, we are all aware of the various things that are happening in relation to Volkswagen diesels and the emission control issue. We are seeing a ton of threads pop up about the various aspects of it, and I just wanted to lay down a couple of guidelines:

  • Discussion of "Dieselgate" and all of the various aspects thereof is perfectly fine
  • It's ok to have several different threads about different aspects of it in TCL at the same time, so long as:
    • Each thread is about a separate sub-topic
    • There aren't multiple threads about one subtopic

Basically, it's fine to have one thread about the thing in general, one thread about the lawsuits, one thread about Winterkorn leaving, etc. Four threads about Winterkorn is probably a bit much.

This whole thing is moving very rapidly at the moment, and as it develops there will be plenty to discuss. So please, just have a look through the various topics before you post a new thread, just in case there's already one covering your topic.