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    Thread: FS: Lemons/Chumpcar MK2 Golf with Truckload of spare parts in SC

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      Jun 13th, 2009
      Simpsonville, SC
      09-28-2015 11:03 PM #1
      Up for sale is a COMPLETE MK2 VW Golf race operation for Chumpcar, Lemons, ITJ, or any track event you want to participate in.
      This is car that is fast, fun, and easy to drive. Put on new brake pads, tires, change the oil, and you will be ready for the next race.
      $4,250 total (Car = $500, Truck Load of massive spare parts inventory & safety equipment = $3,750)
      You are getting 6+ years of parts scrounging and car tuning in this package. Save yourself the headache of a new car build and ensure you can get back on the track when the inevitable crash/breakage occurs.

      My team has successfully raced this MK2 Golf for 6 years, but we are now ready for something different and cleaning out the shop of all things VW. This car is extremely well sorted and has won both Class A and Class B trophies at CMP. The car has led Class A at 3 of the last Lemons races it participated in, but something cropped up each time taking it out of contention. (alternator wire failure, oil cooler line leak, flat tire, etc). It is super easy to drive with predictable handling and awesome brakes.... will make average drivers look very good on the track. Fast lap at CMP this past May was 1:59.xx

      Car details:

      1986 VW Golf GTI 2 door (~2,050 lb race ready with no driver)
      2.0L 16V Engine with CIS-E Fuel injection (~135HP)
      Welded in Autopower cage with Nascar door bars
      Double Secret junkyard suspension setup. (similar spring rates to Shine setup)
      Huge Aluminum radiator (Jeep Cherokee 4.0L radiator)
      Front Mount Oil Cooler from Turbo Volvo
      Lexan side and rear windows
      Dash cluster with functional Speedo, Tach, and Fuel gauge
      Voltage, Oil Pressure, Water Temp gauges
      Low Oil pressure warning light
      Wink-style rear view mirror
      Momo steering wheel
      Featherlite aluminum driver seat mounted to cage
      15" 4x100 Wheels with Dunlop Star Spec tires
      Upgraded larger/stronger MK3 front hubs & brakes with Hawk Blue pads
      *Multiple Lemons podium finishes.
      *Passes tech inspection at multiple tracks no problem
      *Never overheats in 100+ degree summer races
      *Can run 2.5 - 3 hrs on a tank of gas. Great for enduro's

      Spare parts included in sale:

      Complete spare 2.0L 16V engine mounted to a 020 transmission. Ready to install in car & go.
      Extra set of 15" wheels with used Dunlop Star Specs
      Complete front subframe & suspension + brakes, steering, etc.
      Complete rear swing arm suspension + disc brakes
      4+ sets used front rotors
      Extra brake calipers
      Multiple used front Hawk Blue brake pads
      Complete front Strut/spring assembles including spindles
      Complete rear shock/spring assemblies
      Spare fuel tank, fuel pumps
      Complete spare CIS-E fuel distributor
      Complete engine wiring harness, ECU, ignition system, & knock box
      Set of front axles & CV joints
      Complete, rebuilt shifter box, shaft, assembly
      Multiple VW radiators
      Boxes of misc spares: Plug wires, Distributor, water hoses, water pump, gaskets, injectors, etc.

      Items NOT included with car:
      Seat belt harness - available for additional $ if buyer is interested.
      Two MK2 Jetta parts cars - available for additional $ if buyer is interested.


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      Jun 13th, 2009
      Simpsonville, SC
      11-12-2015 11:43 AM #2
      Link to Gallery with more pictures Here:

      Youtube video of sweet 16V engine sound:

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      Sep 14th, 2012
      1986 VR6 swapped Jetta racecar, 1993 Fox (sold), 1990 G60 Corrado (traded),
      12-03-2015 04:35 PM #3
      What are you guys switching to?


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      Jun 13th, 2009
      Simpsonville, SC
      12-04-2015 01:40 PM #4
      New car is still unofficially a 'secret', but it still uses all metric bolts!


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      Feb 26th, 2008
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      97 gti, 91 golf
      07-03-2016 11:35 PM #5
      Hello, if any of this is still avaliable, would you be interested in trading for vinyl graphics, wraps, tshirts, banners, ect? thanks! Scott

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