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    Thread: Haldex in a 4d Jetta Mk2...... Questions

    1. Member xtravisinglex's Avatar
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      Jan 1st, 2013
      1988 Mk2 Jetta 1.8t, 2012 Mk6 Jetta
      09-30-2015 04:39 PM #1
      I have the opportunity to get a Haldex setup from a 2002 Audi Quattro and a mk4 gold R32

      Whats included follows

      1. 4cyl 02m 5 speed Dxw gearbox done 70k with complete transfer box awesome ratios for 1.8t
      2. Gen 1 haldex diff done 70k ready for a manual haldex controller if needed
      3. two haldex cradles, one with elongated holes in the bushes for alignment once fitted
      4. 3 wishbones complete with wheel bearings, handbrake cables, hubs, polybushes
      5. Shortened camber arms to suit mk1/2/3 golf etc
      6. Set of drive shafts
      7. Prop shaft, both halves
      8. mk4 calipers

      The goal would be to put in my 1988 4d Jetta. I originally was planning a shave bay 20vt

      Was told all i would need was metal to make the brackets

      Any input would be very helpful as i want this bad, but before i buy would like to get a better understanding on what id have to do

    2. Member
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      May 31st, 2012
      90 Jetta, 90 Golf (RIP), 07 Ram 3500, 03 Jeep Wrangler (Sold)
      09-30-2015 05:12 PM #2
      I dont have any personal experience here but from what ive seen in other builds you need much more than just brackets. You need to make room down the whole middle of the car. I would assume you need to add cutting the floor/tunnel area, figuring out what to do with the gas tank, and cutting the spare tire well.

      Check out this thread

      Last edited by vwscotty; 09-30-2015 at 05:14 PM.

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