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    Thread: Dsg software changes between 2014 and 2015,2016 models?

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      10-01-2015 12:16 AM #1
      Is the dsg software in 2014 beetles different than 2015?

      I got the access to zipcar cars and drove multiple golf 7s couple 2015 beetles and couple 2015 jettas.

      I recently got brand new 2014 beetle gsr and i noticed that the dsg behave different than the cars i mentioned above.

      It seems like in 2015 models i can tap downshift button and the dsg will drop couple gears and hold it on lower gear for couple seconds after i release gas. When i tap the downshift button on my gsr it takes longer for the dsg to downshift and it does not hold it on lower gear. Does it still have to adapt (i got approximatelly 400 miles on the gsr) ?

      Nevermind. I just realized that the new 1.8t are mated to slush box autos not dsg. Still it is amazing how fast it shifts and how simillar it feels to dsg in normal driving conditions.


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