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    Thread: removal of mk1 gas tank

    1. 03-02-2003 06:16 PM #1
      can anyone give me a step by step on this?
      i need to take it off and have it either steam cleaned or find a replacement.. something inside it just caused my new fuel pump to fry
      i saw some little flakes when i took it off so im guessing its the bottom of the tank thats flaking
      and can i do this using just a floor jack and stands or do i need to take it to a shop?
      thnx in advance

    2. 03-02-2003 06:53 PM #2
      or is the mk1 setup the same as the mk2?
      cause i did hunt down some old threads on this subject, but they were in regards to an mk2

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    3. 03-02-2003 07:14 PM #3
      Same as a Mk2. Undo the feed to the pump to drain the tank. Then there's the filler hose and a return line. Kinda tricky to get at and some times easier to wait till the tank is half out. You'll have to undo the four front bolts on the trailing arm to lower it a bit, and then deep 13s on the tank straps. Not really a hard job but messy and smelly.
      You should prolly replace the tank to if it's rusted on the inside.

    4. 03-02-2003 07:34 PM #4
      k thanks man

    5. Member ROC DOC's Avatar
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      Apr 10th, 2002
      1980 Scirocco 16v
      03-02-2003 07:45 PM #5
      I've done this a couple of times and its not that bad using jack stands. my tank was rusted too, but I saved it by finding a place that would re-coat the inside after a good cleaning. No problems after 10K miles!
      1980 Scirocco 16v
      1996 Volvo 850 "R"

    6. Member MUNICH_VR6's Avatar
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      Dec 8th, 2000
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      '78 Porsche 911sc, '98 Mercedes E300 Turbodiesei, '85 BMW K100rs
      03-03-2003 12:13 AM #6
      are mk2 and mk1 tanks interchangeable? cause i know the mk2 16v's use the two pump type while i'm guessing my mk1 uses 1 main pump like a1 gti's. i would like to know b/c i think i'll just swap in the mk2 scirocco fuel delivery and tank when doing my mk1 scirocco 16v swap. thanx

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