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    Thread: Odd Wastegate question

    1. 11-07-2015 01:07 PM #1
      I have an HY35 with a 9cm housing and I feel it is a bit small. it has an internal waste gate that I have locked shut as i'm using an external 38 mm.

      my thoughts are: What if I open the internal gate a bit to allow more exhaust gas to run around the turbine? in theory should be similar to running a larger housing should it not?

      please don't tell me to get a new turbo lol I like trying different things

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      11-13-2015 11:45 PM #2
      not a good idea
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      11-15-2015 11:33 PM #3
      Try it out. I dont think anything would go boom as a result.

    4. 11-17-2015 01:19 AM #4
      yeah I think I may give it a try, the worst it will do is cause it to spool really late. I would kinda prefer later spool as it really doesn't seem to like 15 psi at 3000 rpm.

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