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    Thread: Budget Mk1 HPDE build - feedback.

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      Oct 29th, 2001
      '81 Scirocco ABA
      01-10-2016 07:13 PM #1
      Hey gang,

      Been out of the VW scene for a long time, and just recently got myself an '81 Scirocco because I missed having a nimble car.

      I've already collected the majority of parts I need for an ABA swap, but I'm thinking of all-around budget-minded performance for this car, and I could use some feedback. This is what I've got planned...

      Orange = I already have it.

      OBD1 ABA
      Full refresh (rings, main and rod bearings)
      Head decked .050", match ported/cleaned (I don't have the patience to fully port it)
      020 w/ spring-pack pseudo-LSD, ARP ring gear bolts, L/W flywheel, Sachs clutch & PP
      TT 276 cam + adj gear (adv to compensate for head deck), TT chip, TT/PowerSprint 2.25" catless exhaust
      L/W engine pulleys

      Autopower roll bar
      Eurosport Fr/Rr upper tie bars
      Eurosport Fr lower tie bar
      ST swaybars (22mm front, 25mm rear)

      Either H&R Cup Kit or ST coilovers (really need advice here...)
      14" snowflakes on 205/55/14 Nitto NT01 rubber

      ...I think that's the main idea. I have almost everything, just a few more pieces to buy. But I'd love some feedback on the overall build, suspension settings for a fast road/HPDE car, what to expect as far as speed/handling, what you might do differently (remember, this is a very low budget build!). Thanks so much in advance!

      Oh...and a seat!!! I'm a bit too tall for the current setup (S2 steering wheel and S2 seats). I am looking for a smaller wheel to clear my legs, and I need to know what seats might sit lower in the body. Are G60 seats the way to go here? I'm about 6'1" and my head is hitting the roof!
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      I believe rupaul is the tallest trans.

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