I have a 2002 b6 audi Im looking to perform the center diff mod but I am having a heck of a time finding just the shims/washers now Im in northern BC and have access to a full machine shop so if anyone can shed some light o this subect it would be a huge help
a few questions
1-Ive tried several places to buy the shims and Ive made my way here now and been told that sellingb5stuff sells these but being my first post I cannot PM him yet
2-its my understanding that If I remove the existing teflon coated shims and duplictae in steel this is what the vendors that perform this job do
3- the torsen schematic is down so every page that had a DIY thread does not work
4- it says the shims are made of hardened steel now what grade are we talking tools steel or is TNG shafting material adequate .
Thanks everyone for the help and look forward to exploring the site