VWVortex.com - Porsche 914 project thread: A downtown barnfind.
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    Thread: Porsche 914 project thread: A downtown barnfind.

    1. Member andyA6's Avatar
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      Nov 10th, 2000
      '13 Audi A4, '14 Boxster, '15 BMW I3, '13 Q5
      03-20-2017 05:46 PM #351
      Oh Sh!t! All the best to you guys! Had a friend who almost didn't make due to a clot......
      Keep right except to pass!

    2. Member G0to60's Avatar
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      Jun 23rd, 2003
      Milwaukie, OR
      1990 VW Corrado, 2002 Audi allroad, 2015 Fiat 500e
      03-20-2017 06:17 PM #352
      Wow! Scary stuff but I'm glad it is getting better, albeit, slowly.

    3. 03-20-2017 06:45 PM #353
      Wow, scary stuff with the DVT. Hope all continues to improve.

      Very impressed with the Creo surfacing. Not at all easy to recreate something like that from scratch. I'm assuming the shade and spin is part of your day job?

    4. Senior Member Air and water do mix's Avatar
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      Aug 5th, 2004
      Southern Indiana
      '66 Beetle (X2) '08 Fit
      03-20-2017 07:11 PM #354
      Well, it sounds like the prognosis is good and I'm glad you have family to help with sharing the care. That can be a real Godsend.

      The car can sit while really important things are going on. Just concentrate on taking good care of her.
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    5. Member Sold Over Sticker's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2009
      Heavy Breathing Baboon Hauler
      03-20-2017 07:24 PM #355
      Scary news, but I'm happy to hear she's back at home with you, and it seems like it's going the right direction.

      The car can wait. People always come first.
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    6. Member dubdaze68's Avatar
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      Oct 29th, 2001
      '81 Sportruck, '82 Jetta Diesel
      03-21-2017 02:38 PM #356
      As someone who has had a fair number of medical issues over the past 15 years, I totally feel for you. I got a little nauseous reading it.

      Family comes first and foremost, and you will now have even a tighter bond with your wife and daughter. Also, something to hold over your daughter's head when she becomes a teenager.

      I hope everything turns out OK, and I wish nothing but luck to your wife. Horrible ordeal to have to go through, too young.

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