First, I was hoping someone could explain how heavier wheels will affect dyno results, since they take more energy to spin them, will that mean the whp will be less than if dyno'd with some lightweight wheels? I'm curious because I have heavy 16x9 schmidts on my car

Second, I know nobody likes bench racing, but can someone give me an estimate of what my aba might put down? I'm hoping somewhere in the 130whp range.

Obd2 ABA
2.75" Intake
Home brew Short Runner
Stock port obd2 head
USRT LW Lifters
Techtonics Chromoly Retainers
Autotech Dual Valve Springs
USRT lower Spring Seats
Raceland Header
42DD Test Pipe
Modded Neuspeed Exhaust (mid muffler deleted)
United Software
LW flywheel

Any thoughts?